Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List

Hello Summer. 

Hello Summer Bucket List.

This summer I really wanted us to keep busy. I was not looking forward to staying home all day/every day and driving each other crazy. There are so many things that I wanted to do.

We took some time one day to sit down and write down what activities we wanted to add to our bucket list.

Here is what is on our list so far : 

Make homemade popsicles
Go to the library
Go to the downtown pool, very fun. They have a wade area for the kids, with water toys, ect.
Go to the beach at least once a month.
Play dates with friends and new neighbors. Lots of play dates.
Go to the bug museum
Visit CALM, many times.  Our local small Zoo. I bought a season pass last month, but have yet to go.
Make a fresh peach pie
Visit the downtown splash pad, one of the favorites.
Go to as many summer movies as we can. Our local theater has kids movies on Tues/Wedn. mornings
Go on a bike adventure
Go on a hike
Go camping
Visit Yosemite
Take a 2 day trip down to the beach
Bake something once a week
Go to a water park
Go to Six flags. The girls got free passes for reading over 300 hours this year, from their school.
Grilling. Lots of Grilling.

That is is so far. I think it is a very doable list. We have already been so excited about summer that we have gotten a lot crossed off the list.

Here is what has already been crossed off.

Homemade popsicles. Already on our 4th batch.
Go to the library
Go to the beach for June
Playdates with friends
Visit the splash pad downtown
Went to see one summer movie so far. We would go more but Wedn. are pool days with our church
Grilled a lot already


Planning on visiting CALM (the zoo) this week while the weather is decent. Also planning our bike adventure. Have to get my tire fixed first. Deciding on what water park to go to.  Bought peaches for our pie.

Well enough about my summer plans. Do you guys have a summer bucket list ? Anything fun that I need to add to ours ? Please don't be shy, please share !! 

I am almost done with my week 12. Just a few more journaling cards to go and one photo and then I will share. Until next time, have a great summer everyone.

P.S.  I hope everyone had a great Father's Day yesterday.

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