Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Family Reunion

Hello vacation. How I love you so.

Today I wanted to share with you some photos from our family reunion.

We traveled to Utah and this was the typical scene for the whole 700 mile drive. Thank goodness for electronics and having an assortment of them. It was basically musical devices the whole way.

And this was a very familiar scene for the grown-ups.  2 drinks in the cupholders.

Our first stop was to spend a few days with my parents.

The kids spent most of their time outdoors in the backyard, that the kids have named "The forest."
They especially love to climb the "Big Rock" in the middle of the backyard, they think it's a lookout spot.

They found secret trails, and picked current berries, and played steam roller on the tramp with grandpa.

One of the favorite things to do at grandma's house is to make cookies. They love it, and of course grandma's cookies are the absolute best.

On Tuesday we packed the car again and headed down to the family reunion site, in a little town in Utah. The town does not have any street lights folks.

We had rented some cabins for all 25 family members(grandma and grandpa, siblings and their kids) to stay in. It was so nice to see everyone again. Patrick has 7 siblings in his family and 6 were able to make it. All seven of them are scattered all over the country. So you can see why it is hard to see each other.

The scenery surrounding the town was so pretty. A lot of green fields. Gorgeous. 

Some of the activities included Rhino, four wheeler, motorcycle rides, and bike rides.

Patrick and Noah

And the boys spent one afternoon at target practice.

All of the kids spent a lot of time outside on the swings and play house at the main cabin. They played with each other, it was so nice to see them spending time as cousins.

In Utah July 24th is celebrated as Pioneer Day, so it is just as big as the 24th. In the morning we watched the parade, the kids loved gathering candy and getting sprayed by some old fire trucks. That night we all went to the local Demolition Derby. It was so fun !! And they had fireworks !! Oh and it was Grandma Niebuhr's birthday.

This one was everyone's favorite part. The pink car pushed the white car upside down. He was just fine by the way.

The next day some people went up to the lake to go fishing. We took the kids up to see if they wanted to fish and to also let them swim in the water.

Patrick and Noah throwing rocks in the lake.

The reunion ended and everyone said goodbye on Friday. We cleaned up from the weeks activities and drove back to my parents house.

On Saturday my parents took the kids on a hike. They loved it. That afternoon we headed for home, staying over night in St. George.

It was so nice to getaway and spend some quality family time. It was rejuvenating.

I am working on my next PL week. Waiting for some more ink to come !! Have a great rest of your weekend everybody.

I will be back to share some photos from our trip to the Beach here in a few days.

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