Thursday, August 29, 2013

The number 4

Even though Noah turned 4 back in early June I still was determined to get some birthday pictures of him.  I still kick myself for not getting some of the girls this year. Their birthdays were right before the move.

    While out visiting my parents I got the idea of doing a mini photo shoot at the local farm there in town. So I found him an outfit, bought him the number 4, and picked up some balloons.

Time to try to get some decent shoots. I should have known better because every time I try to get some photos of my kids it never turns out quite right. This time was no different. Here is what happened.

#1. On the drive over one of the balloons popped leaving me with only 3 balloons instead of 4, which what I wanted. Oh well, moving on.

#2. Then no more than 2 minutes on the farm premises Maddie gets stung by a bee !! Oh geez. Almost had to give up and just go home !

#3. Noah decides that he does not want to hold his balloons and does not want his picture taken ! Time for some bribery. It only half helped.

#4. While trying to carry Maddie around the farm ( because her ankle hurt so bad that she could hardly walk on it from the bee sting) I tried to get some photos of Noah. All he wanted to do was feed the ducks.

Here are a few shots from that day.

Here are a few fun facts about Noah as he turns 4.

Likes :

Fruit snacks, can eat them all day long. I have to hide them now.
Dr. Pepper - hardly gets any, I think it's because his daddy drinks it.
His Fluffy - his favorite stuffed husky dog
His pajamas, would wear them all day long
Treats - wants them and expects them when we go to the store. Doesn't mean he gets them.
Tubs - would take 2 or 3 a day if I let him
To swing, and for me to push him
Nuggets and fries - McDonald's ones though. Not a fan of anything else.
Loves to eat out. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
To play on the ipod touch and the ipad. Anything electronic. I am convinced he is going to geeky like his dad. Or should I say "Techy" if that is such a word.
Loves to ride his bike and can even ride without training wheels.
Loves to play with his daddy and asks to play on the "daddy playground."

Favorite sayings :

"Ungerwear". Translation - underwear
"Root Beer Float". Translation - Root beer the drink. Can't get him to say just root beer.
"Anyone want to take a tub with me, and I want to take a tub."
"I want a treat mommy". Anything that is sweet.
"I want to Wing mommy." Translation -  to swing on the swing set.
" Putter, Mommy. I want to play on the putter." Translation -  play on the computer.
"Holders. I want to ride on your holders daddy." Translation - shoulders.
"I want to watch my movie." Translation - He wants to watch a show on t.v.
"Nuggets and fries". His choice of lunch or dinner. From McDonald's.

I can't believe that he is already 4 years old. Where did the time go ? This little guy is so sweet. He gives the best hugs and kisses. Even says thank you for things that I do for him, melts my heart. He is so full of energy, mischief, and all things boy. Such a great gift to have a little boy to love. I love you Noah, more than the last number.    

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