Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Daily Day 3

I am moving right along with my December Daily album. It seems like the days whiz by this time of year and I don't get half the things done that I would like. But that's ok. I am hoping to work on more of my album today and tomorrow.

Day 3 | Christmas tree lot

The day's story comes to us from our adventures at the Christmas tree lot. We went down in the late afternoon after we had done some chores and stuff at the house.

Day 2 in my album is a single page on the left and then Day 3 starts on the right. So I decided to make a divider. I used this chicken coop patterned transparency and added the red tree from Ali's main dd kit.

I placed the gold hello sticker on the photo so it is kind of peeking out from the tree on top. This photo of Katelyn on the bottom is my favorite from that day. Her enthusiasm she had for Christmas and picking out the perfect tree was awesome. We wandered around a bit and then she found this tree she is hugging. " Let's get this one daddy. It's so fluffy, it's perfect ! "

I added another photo onto this first page and a journaling card. The card is from the main dd kit. The wood piece is from Color Cast Designs, December vibes set if I remember correctly.

The other side has a photo of Noah checking out a tree, a fun filler card, and a journaling card.

I am in love with this tree limb card, it is from One Little Bird. I wanted to add the 3 in the middle of the card and also thought it would be fun to paint some of it gold.

It is super easy to do this. I put a piece of washi tape over where I wanted the tape line to go and then painted it. When it was dry I took off the washi tape. A pretty perfect line. I finished up that card with a stamp and a red star.

This journaling card is from the main kit as well. I added a cluster of embellishments in the corner and a stamp from SC underneath the magical moments.

Here is what both sides look like.

On the right side I decided to switch up the page protectors and use 4x4. I cut down a 12x4 protector from BH and added in my photos. This one is of the girls bringing the tree up front. They wanted to carry it all by themselves. I added some journaling on a diagonal on the bottom corner using the line in the floor as a guide.

This is the other side. They had hot cocoa available for us to drink and the kids were in heaven.

I added a little journaling and some simple embellishments to this photo of Maddie.

I decided to save some time and go simple on this side.

The sun was going down by the time we got back to the car and so I snapped this photo of Patrick putting the tree on the top of the van. I added the star from the main kit, the joy word and the wooden tree. I left it simple and I kind of love it that way.

That is it for day 3. It was a long one, but I wanted to include those photos. Some days are one pagers and some are 4. That is the fun of doing this project. Thanks for coming today and I will see you next time.

Happy Holidays everyone !

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