Friday, December 2, 2016

December Daily | Day 1

December is here, December is here !! Yay !

With December usually comes December Daily. Along with twinkle lights, magic moments and joyful adventures. As I mentioned in my last post I am participating in another December Daily. I will be making a whole entire album full of fabulous memories.

I have finished my day 1. Which was all about getting the Christmas decor out and getting the house ready all decked out for Christmas. Oh and the arrival of our Elves.

To begin day 1 I used a 2x2 pocket page filled with a combination of photos, papers, and embellishments. On this back side of the pocket page I added a photo of both elves. They made their entrance today. Our elf Harry was back and brought a friend for him to play with. So I needed a photo of them both. I also added a small pocket with a little journaling on it. 

I also added that cute wood circle embellishment from Color Cast Designs. I had to use it on this day, I just had to. You can find an elf embellishment set in her shop if you are interested. It is seriously soooo cute ! The only other thing I added was some patterned paper that I resized from a journaling card. The card is from One Little Bird. I added the Hello today stamp in red and finished if with a green star.

Let's talk about the other side now. This bottom card is from One Little Bird. on the bottom of the card I added a digital brush from Ali Edwards and then wrote "merrymaking" on the top. Getting the decor out is definitely part of my merrymaking. Once I printed out that journaling card I added the photo I took of the floor where I had everything set out.

One more thing I want to talk about is that cute wood tree. Aren't those just the cutest. They are from Color Cast Designs and I am going to order more of them because I could use them on every page. You can find them here.

So before December started I did a little bit of prep work. One thing that I did was to print out the Kraft colored Merry card that is in the bottom pocket. I figured that I would talk about decorating the house. I had no idea that my cute daughter would give me the perfect quote and story to go with it !
I added the quote onto this green card that has the number on it. The card itself is from Studio Calico and originally it was yellow. I changed it to green and printed it out after I had all of my journaling onto it.

On the top where it says Quote merry the Quote digital brush comes from a SC set and the merry is from the 2016 freebie that Ali Edwards made available. I love how it turned out.

The photo next it is of the kids playing with the reindeer set we have with our Christmas stuff. I want to say that we have had that set now for 5 years now and the kids love to play with it. They were up in my bedroom at the time and so I snapped a few photos. The light in my room is not the best and so I turned it black and white to help the photo out. I wish you could see the reindeer set better but oh well. It is still a cute photo. At the bottom of the photo I added the cheer digital brush from Ali's messy words set.

I used the flip up technique here so I could add in some more journaling and still have my photo as part of the page. I used the washi tape that came in the main kit and adhered it to both of the cards so that it flips up to reveal the journaling.

The photo itself is out of the pocket here. Leaving the journaling card inside the pocket. ( I did take it out to photograph it)

I love how this day has turned out. Here is one more look at the flip up pocket. I talked about getting the Christmas boxes out and that the kids played with the reindeer set. This card is from One Little Bird.

Whew, I am glad to get a start on this album. I think it is always nerve wracking to start something like this. Now it is on to day 2.

Until next time.

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