Thursday, December 1, 2016

Project Life Week 47 | Thanksgiving week

Welcome to Project Life Week 47. This week was part of the Thanksgiving holiday and we had family come stay with us. Let's just say we had a full house.

I had good intentions of documenting the holiday better than I have previously done. I think I did that and am so excited about it. I got some great photos, and now it is all in pockets thanks to Project Life.

Here is what the whole spread looks like.

Before I started creating this week I knew that I wanted some fun cards. Something that would help tell the story of the week.

I used a lot of journaling cards and digital brushes from the Gather collection by Sahlin Studio's. See the link below if your interested.
You can find them here. These are the cards and you can find the brushes in the shop.

I created this title card by starting with this 4x6 card from Sahlin studios. I decided to change the color of the word gather to match more of my spread. Sometimes when I want to change a color of something I look for inspiration in my photos. I decided to take the orange from the pumpkin pie photo as inspiration. It worked out great. Photoshop is great for being able to play with your digital products. I use it every time I scrapbook.

As you can see I added the week # and the dates to the card before printing it here at home. After it was done I added the star strip from the Surprise Story Kit by Ali Edwards. It needed something else so I added the glitter star ( also from the story kit ) and a family sticker that I had in my stash.

The first journaling card there is from the Gather collection as well. I changed the color of the arrow to match the blue chipboard pieces from the surprise kit. Then I had a thought to add the word THIS to the bottom and those white letters worked out great. The card next to is from a SC kit. I added a few embellishments to it and called it done. The card with the circle silverware piece is also from the Gather collection. Isn't it cute. I changed the colors of the circles and added a word strip from the Story kit. I journaled about our Thanksgiving dinner.

When I started printing photos out to go in this week I thought that maybe the Surprise Story Kit might work along with what I had already planned. The colors worked real well. The blue chipboard pieces seemed to work with my photos and some of the cards as well. I added in this yellow chipboard piece as well. It brought out the yellow in the photo next to it.

I had a few extra photos that I wanted to include of us making our Thanksgiving meal. The top one is of the little kids helping Grandma roll out the rolls. The bottom is of grandma making the pie crusts. I added a digital brush from the Gather collection and finished it off with a sticker heart.

This is a photo of Maddie. The kids were playing tag out in the circle together. She thought it might be a good idea to ride the bike while wearing her rollerblades. I added the story onto the photo to save space for more stuff. Doing this whenever possible is a great space saver. I added a stamp from SC and called it done.

Let's move on to the right side now. Oh but first I want to point out the bottom photo. The kids decorated " Turkey " cupcakes in honor of Thanksgiving. I had them put them all together and I snapped a photo. So cute.

I wanted to keep with the yellow, orange, and blue theme I had going on on the right side.

I kept this card pretty simple. This one is from the Story kit and I loved the colors. I thought it matched really well with my photos. The wood veneers are from my stash, I love when I can use something. I added the #tradition hashtag from the digital Gather brushes and added my journaling on the bottom of it.

This yellow card is from a SC kit, I think the November kit. I loved the pop of yellow that it brought to the page. I added another glitter star and another chipboard word sentence. The photo next to it is of our Thanksgiving table.

The bottom photo might be favorite from the week. It turned out great of my husband putting the turkey in the oven with his gloves.

This first quote card is from the Gather collection and I loved the subtle grey that it had. I added a little story about having 12 people in the house. Next to is a card from the Story kit. I added a few embellishments from the Story kit to the right side of the card. I have to say that I am going to love using more of those tiny banner stickers. So fun. And all those word strips, love. And don't get me started on the chipboard. Lol.

I added some white letters around the PIE dish and added a sticker as well. The sticker says get your pumpkin on, seemed fitting. That one is from Simple Stories.

I am pretty sure Ali Edwards took a photo, or takes photos like this. I got the idea from her so when I saw some of our shoes all piled together I snapped a photo. I found it funny that we seemed to mostly have all the same shoes. I added the wood piece from a SC kit and another white banner sticker.

Week 47 is done. Yes !!! It feels so good to have that one documented. Now it's time for some December Daily lovin'. Stay tuned for another blog post coming very very soon. How is everyone's Project Life albums coming along ?

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