Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week In The Life 2017 | Tuesday

Hey everyone !

Today I am going to sharing my Tuesday in my Week In The Life album. I am slowly making progress in my album and I am okay with that.

I am going to follow a loose pattern with my album. Each day is going to begin with a big 6x8 photo. Tuesdays photo I chose to go with this rainy photo I took. It had rained most of the day and so I thought it was fitting.

Along with a large photo I am going to add these digital days of the week brushes from Ali Edwards. I also added one of the chipboard squares to the photo.

Here is what the first spread of Tuesday. A big photo and then the Tuesday tab divider. Then you can see underneath the divider is a photo and a filler card.

This is my filler card that I made using that awesome Tuesday piece from Color Cast Designs. When I ordered my main kit I also ordered these days of the week transparencies. I cut it in half and then embellished the rest of the card.

This photo is from the morning. My parents were in town for a visit and my dad took the kids to school. I snapped a photo of them getting out the door.

Here is a look at the next spread. These pages tell the story our afternoon and going to run errands  and go to Barnes and Nobles.

This photo was the best that I could get out of the kids. I went with it and added the wooden Tuesday onto the photo.

I ended up not having room for my journaling and a 4x6 photo. So I cropped the photo of Katelyn in the car and added it next to a journaling card.

On the other side I added a few more photos from the afternoon. The photo on the right is of Katelyn looking at books at the book store. I added some embellishing to the bottom of the photo. Next to it I added a photo of Noah getting the mail. It is very common for us to stop and for him to get the mail on our way home. He always asks.

Here is a look at the next spread. This one includes more photos from the afternoon and evening.

Patrick had to drive down to Los Angelos area for work and on the way back it was super foggy in the canyon. He stopped and sent me this photo. I added in this journaling card to tell the story of his work day.

On the bottom row I added a photo of me at the computer and then of me having a little Easter snack time. Reese's are my favorite.

This photo is of Katelyn turning the radio to her favorite station. She does this every time she gets in the car. I added a little journaling to my photo and added the #2. The pre programed station #2 is her favorite.

Above the 4x6 photo I have some journaling and a photo of the Del Taco drive thru. Turns out that Patrick was going to be gone late and we happened to be out running late. Del Taco it is.

One last set of pages for Tuesday.

The left side holds 2 photos and a journaling card.

I added a digital brush to my photo and a pink star.

That night after we went to get tacos we stopped and picked up the movie Sing.

The last page is a large journaling page. I added some misc. Tuesdays and made them different colors. Then I layered the clear white Tuesday on top.

That it is for me today. I have some other projects that I need to work on then I will get back to my Wednesday of my WITL. Thanks for coming.


Lucie said...

In love with your layouts! You have a lot of photos it's so great, and I really like the text overlays too.

Mindi said...

Thank you so much Lucie !

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You have a lot of photos it's so great.

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