Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cereal Bandit

Wanted : A child known only to us as the "Cereal Bandit"

Crime: Grand Theft of said Cereal Box and making a big mess

Time crime was commited : approximately 8:35am on the morning of
Monday April 14, 2008.

Description :
An eye witness to the crime saw the suspect fleeing the scene wearing purple polka dot pajamas and caring the cereal box. This particular cereal box was an orange and blue Kix box. We were lucky enough to capture these shots of the suspect on a surveillance camera. But have not been so lucky since these shots were taken. I am afraid if this type of activity continues we might be dealing with a "Cereal Thief".If you have seen the suspect or have an information please let call our hot line at 1-800-savekix.

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