Monday, April 14, 2008

Daddy's little skier

Patrick was so excited to take Katelyn skiing this year. The first time I went went up too and we all had fun. I do have to say that it was an adventure. Patrick forgot his wallet and had to go back down the mountain to get it. Thankfully Grandpa Merrell came to the rescue and met him at the bottom. Thanks again dad. While we waited we tried on hats and had some fries to kill time. It was cold and windy and she did not like that to much. She went on the magic carpet and then she graduated and went on the big chairlift and loved that. The second time they went up by themselves. Just look at that great PIE !! Good job sweetie. They played around the deers, rode the big chair lift again and thankfully it was great weather. Katelyn loved to sit on the " sun deck" and take a little breather. After all that hard work I don't blaim her ! All in all it was a great day for Patrick and Katelyn.

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