Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Madison

March 1 - It is Madison's first birthday today. The big one ! We took her to breakfast to Johanna's Kitchen(family tradition) and she had a scone with strawberry syrup. She loved it ! The mall is one of the girls favorite places to go in the winter time because they have the play area. So we took her to the mall to play and also to ride the ferris wheel. By this time it was time to head home and so we spent some time having fun as a family. Maddie was being so silly and playing peek a boo with her hat ! That night was her birthday party. I think that it was more for us than for her. Oh well, I think that she enjoyed the extra attention. And the cake didn't hurt. She loves sweets!! So as soon as she saw the cake sitting on the counter she was trying everything to get to it and boy did we hear about it !! We sang to her and she did try to blow out the candle which was so cute ! The cake is by far the best part about a child's first birthday party. As the saying goes, let them eat cake !! Thus we did !

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