Thursday, July 24, 2008

The case of the missing tooth

So those of you who know us pretty well, know that Maddie is a clutz. And I know that you have
said that it is only a matter of time before we ended up in the Emergency Room. ( you know who you are). Well, you were right !! It was late tuesday night(just before bed). Katelyn and Maddie were pushing eachother around in the doll stroller. Maddie had gotten up and was standing on top of it to get ready to turn around to sit down. She fell face first and started to really cry. The cries that they hold their breath and then shake their head. At first I didn't think much of it but then I saw the blood and so i went into the bathroom and sat her down on the counter. I looked in her mouth and to my surprise she was missing a tooth ! Oh my oh my I thought. I went into the bedroom again to see if i could find the tooth but nothing, no blood on the floor or anything. The next thing I thought was that she had shoved it up in her mouth. So instead of coming out it went back in. I rush down to have grandma help me see if we can tell but we couldn't tell. So I rush of to the car to get her to the hospital or Insta care. Long story short we end up at a kids care that was open till ten. By this time she is still crying so hard. We have a doctor take a look but she couldn't see anything and thought that the tooth had come out. We take her down for an xray to find out that we know for sure that she did not swallow it. Doctor poked around in her mouth and was almost positive that it had come out. She suggested that we go see a dentist in the next couple of days. The next day we go see the dentist. They took an xray and he thinks he has spotted the missing tooth !! A second and larger xray reveals that the missing tooth had been shoved up in to her gums and hopefully will come down on it's own and not get infected. Great news (I guess). It is not lost forever. Come to find out that Maddie just wanted to be like her mom because I did the very same thing when I was her age. Funny huh !! Poor Maddie, she was not a happy baby. This morning she woke up with the right side of her face swollen so bad - it just looked awfull. My poor Maddie Lou. She has done pretty well with this whole thing I do have to say. Case solved - thank you Dentist !!

P.S. The pictures were taken after we got back from the hospital. They had given her a popsicle to eat !! One of the perks to having a swollen mouth.

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