Friday, January 6, 2012

Project Life Week 36

Week 36 | Sept 5 - Sept 11

This week was pretty much full of our trips to lake Isabella with my parents. We spent two whole days up at the lake with the waverunners that they brought with them !!

The first page.  Again I try to stayed with the same color scheme throughout the whole 2 page layout. I like the look that it gives. Also this week was pretty simple, not a lot of stuff, just trying to catch up on my album.

The pictures

Me and Noah on our walk together. Just the two of us.

Seems I didn't save the other two pictures.

The journaling cards

Used some October Afternoon letter stamps and then stamped the word lake on top. Stitched across the letter stickers. Going to try to use my sewing machine more in 2012. 

This one I used a sticker tag from My Minds Eye and the sticker saying from October Afternoon.

Find the "Hello Sunshine" brush from Ali Edwards here.  Printed it out onto cardstock and then put it on one of the extra journaling cards that come in the kit.

The scalloped circle is from Jillibean Soup. The words keeping Cool is from Little Yellow Bicycle, their summer sticker sheet.

I had so many photos that I ended up adding an extra page. I used the Becky Higgins digital template design G. I am out of my big photo paper and so I re-sized it to 8.5x10.5.Worked out fine and it was super easy to use. And fast. That was the point. Here iis what it looks like in the book.

A closer look. In one of the photo spots I used it for a journaling spot. I used one of the extra digital elements from the turquoise set. The tags on the pictures are from the digital set as well. 

Here is the other side

A closer look. The circle is from the extra digital elements from the turquoise set. The brush is from Ali Edwards.

The last page. More lake and then the University of Utah Football game. Katelyn's School picture.

The pictures

Day brush from Ali Edwards

The story overlay can be found here. The word skipping is from here. The words Rocks is from here.

Football season is here !! All 5 of us dressed in Red.

The journaling cards

This is Katelyn's school picture. The tag is from Tim Holtz.

Stamped the word summer on the top and the stars are from Jenni Bowlin

Thats it for week 36. How is everyone's albums coming? I am planning to go ahead and start 2012 this week and then backtrack and finish up 2011 at the same time. I am dying to play with my new Clementine kit. That way I can get a better feel of what we did that week instead doing it months later. Now I'm off to start another week.


Anonymous said...

I really like the way you did your insert with digital scrapbooking. I love to scrapbook both ways, so this is a great example of how to fit it all into PL. Great pages!

EJoyN88 said...

I have been following your blog for about two months now. Just wanted to say that I LOVE your project life layouts and the inspiration they give to me! Thank you so much for sharing them. Amazing!

tones said...

Another great layout. I started 2012 today and have about half of 2011 still to do. I have a game plan, it helps will be caught up by march 1st with 2011 and the plan for 2012 is to put my layouts together every week on Thursday or Friday from the previous week mon. Thru Sunday. I did that for the last part of this year and it worked great! That way it gives me a few days to print pics etc... Do you have a schedule too?

Mindi said...

Thanks for everyone's wonderful comments.

tones - It sounds like you have a great plan to keep you on track ! I really don't have a schedule. My life is unpredictable right now. With three little kids and my husbands schedule up in the air, I have to scrap here and there when I can escape for a few minutes.

tones said...


It does make it difficult with little ones at home during the day. There were a few years where I can totally relate to that predicament, I largely scrapbooked away from home then. My kids are now in school all-day and my hubby is at work with a set schedule and long commute so it is easier to stick to a schedule. I still keep busy, and other stuff comes up, but if I don't stick to once a week working on Project Life I get too far behind. I went through my 2011 books yesterday (there are 3-yikes) and I have a little more than half left to do I think. I stopped counting after 20 weeks, but at least some have some things in them, groan.)

I love your new layout, it is simply lovely. I have to get some of those October Afternoon stickers, everyone is using them, and it's time for me to drink the kool-aid so to speak. Good luck getting yours done, I just love looking at your pages, thanks so much for sharing.

Jessica said...

LOVE!!!! I love how you coordinated everything & all your digital elements., do you know what words/brushes you want to use first or do you just look through the website or your purchased collection & then choose?
I love looking at your project life.. I'm going to attempt to create one for 2010 & 2009 as well because I became a mummy in 2009 & we had a family so if I slowly head back whilst keeping up with this years I'll be so happy., do you have any tips for getting it done? I have a 2.5yr old & a 3.5month old LoL
To say the least my days are bush :)

Jessica said...

Sorry busy not bush - silly iPhone

Anonymous said...

Love your postings as usual. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mindi said...

Thank you all for all the PL LOVE !

Jessica - stay tuned for a post about how I put my PL week together later. I will do when I put my first week of 2012 together. Might answer some of your questions.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I love your style of PL ... I have a quesiton and I looked around hoping to find the answer - but couldn't. How do you type on your cards? Do you run them through your printer, or you you use a typewriter? I'm sure you have a really cool way of doing this! :)

Mindi said...

I use my printer to journal on my journaling cards. Check out my two tutorials that tell you step by step how to do it. One is for those who can print directly from their printers( those with large format printers) and the other one show you how to do it if you can't print from your printer. Both located under LABELS on the top right hand side of the blog. Thanks for looking.