Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project Life Week 37

I finished week 37 | September 10 - 16

The first page is full of a little bit of Katelyn and then my 5K run. And looking over it now, I think I went a little crazy this week !! Oh well.

Katelyn spent some time underneath the tramp today. Reading in her Costco box.
The overlay is from Ali Edwards Evidence Overlays

Cathy Z Hashtag .

Journaling cards.

The second one I used Cathy Z Tiny Templates.

The brush on the photo is from HERE.

I added one small insert this week. The first side is my number from the race. I used a 6x6 page protector and cut it down just a tad.

On the other side I added a photo of some homemade tomato soup. Brush from HERE.

The second page.  This whole page is of the kids playing in the stream at the park. The park where my race was located. We let them play for a while after my race.

Brush is from HERE.

The kids worked long and hard to find their "treasure" today.

Took half a journaling card and put it onto my photo. Now, I can't remember where the circle brush came from.

Journaling cards.

The white quote journaling card is from the Becky Higgins freebies. You can find them here under Project Life.

The arrow on the second card came from HERE. I made it black and cut it out. 

The end of week 37.

I have finished week 38 and will share soon. Also working on week 1 of 2013. I can't wait till I can get my hands on my seafoam kit. It keeps taunting me when I check on it at Amazon. It STILL hasn't shipped yet !! EEEK. I ordered the very same day that they came in.

Has anyone gotten theirs yet ? 

Have a great rest of your weekend, for tomorrow is Monday. Uh !!


Jen Tapler said...

Always love your PL Mindi! I ordered my Seafoam kit the same day and got my shipping notice yesterday. Not sure when to expect it - it's shipping to me in Hawaii. Amazon usually ships pretty fast to me though. I'm crossing my fingers for sometime next week! I was so impatient to use it that I did purchase some of the digi stuff and used it on my Week 1. Seems like a waste of $, but sometimes it's nice to have both. Can't wait to see what you do in 2013!!

libbywilko said...

Such a great week, hope your Seafoam kit arrives soon! I bought the digi version of it.

Mindi said...

Jen - I also bought the digi version. So I do have a digi version to play with until I can get my hands on it. I do use both of them though.

I am hoping that it ships tomorrow, that way I can have it Wednesday !!

Michelle said...

I also ordered my seafoam kit they day it was available, just got conformation it shipped!

Anonymous said...

I live in California and ordered it the same day it was available and it says it has shipped and will be here tomorrow. Yeah!,

Mindi said...

Update - Yeah for all of you that your orders have shipped out. Mine did as well today. It usually takes 2 days so i will cross my fingers for wednesday. Still plugging away at my week 1 and will finish it up once I get my kit.

Krystal Loverin said...

Where did you get the little camera that you have placed on the Bob Dylan quote card? It is physical or digi?

Thanks! I'm new to PL and your creativity just blows my mind. I hope I can slowly tie in some of your ideas as mine seems kinda plain up to this point.


Mindi said...

Krystal - The camera is a wood veneer from Studio Calico. Looks like twopeasinabucket has them. I love them ! And please don't hesitate to ask anything, any time. Thanks for coming.