Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh thank heaven for the golden arches

Image:McDonald's Corporate Logo.svg

It was a great afternoon. The sun was shinning, the girls playing in the pool, and here I am picking apricots off the tree. Katelyn had come over to join us (me and Tona- mother in law) in our efforts of trying to reach the apricots with no ladder. I am literally up this big apricot tree when i hear this screaming coming from below. Katelyn was now lying on the ground crying hysterically and holding up her foot. I climb down the tree as fast as I could to see what is the matter. Apparently she was stung by a bee (maybe two) !! Yes a bee. Poor Katelyn. Great, I think, here is my very sensitive child crying from a bee sting. Not sure what to do from here, I ask Tona and thankfully, from having 7 kids of her own, rushed to my aid. We scoop her up and take her inside. Those of you who don't know, you mix up baking soda with a little water and put it right on the sting. So there we sitting on my bed watching Dora the explorer, Katleyn still crying. Oh sorry, i skipped some of the story. Anyways, her foot starts to swell up and turns red(all normal according to the nurse.) So two dora's, and two einsteins later. Or was it a dora and an einstein later, i can't remember. I ask her if she wants to go to old mac donald's (code for Mcdonalds restraunt). She says yes, still crying so i get everyone dressed and ready to go. Katelyn can't walk at this point so i grab the baby stroller and push her out to the car and away we went. I kid you not, the moment we set foot(or should I say I set foot) in Mcdonald's she wanted to go play and said she could walk. I did not hear a word about her foot the whole time that we were there and have only heard her say that he foot hurts twice since we got back. So I say thank heavens for Mcdonalds, the hero of my day !! Good night and watch out for those bees !!


Jamie Newson said...

McDonald's to the rescue!!!! Kimber knows McDonald's well too. I am glad that Katelyn is ok from the stings.

Brittany said...

Ohhh! I hate bees. Because of my irrational fear of them Christian now runs away from anything that buzzes!

Blogger said...

Anybody here wants a FREE MC DONALD'S GIFTCARD?