Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jury Duty

So, for the last three days I have fulfilling my "Civic" duty as a Juror. In the building in the picture. (The State Court House)It was not my idea by any means. I got called in as a possible juror and by process of elimination I was one of the lucky 8 that were left over to serve on the jury. At first it was a tiny bit exciting, to be in the court room, with the judge and the lawyers just like on t.v. !! As the days went on, it was less exciting. I had to pay close attention to the testimony and at the end of the each day I was drained. It was a criminal case in which we could send someone to prison !! Basically, this was someones life we were talking about. Jail time is serious business and nothing I would want for anyone, on the other hand If some has committed a crime, it is to say that they should be held accountable. In the end, we found the Lady guilty of her crimes. So I ask myself - what did you do today ? I sent someone to Prison !! Kind of creepy huh. All in all, I hope to not have to do that again.

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