Friday, February 27, 2009

Rascall Flatts Concert

I first want to start off and thank my wonderful husband for talking me into going. Second off thank my wonderful mother for really making it all possible, watching and putting the girls to bed. Now you have to realize that Rascal Flatts is my favorite band and I love concerts so I really didn't want to miss this concert.So to start off, several things came up the original day that the tickets went on sale and so I did not buy them then and went back and forth about getting some until yesterday. Do I really want to spend all this money and then end up sitting clear at the top? Well last night I am cooking dinner and got a text from Patrick. Said he found some 40 dollar tickets and the guy would take lower offers (this was almost 7 o'clock). I talked to my mom and decided to call the guy about the tickets. He had two left and so off we go. Dropped the kids off, picked up the tickets and went to go into the arena. The ticket guy scanned my tickets and said that there was an error and that I needed to go down to the ticket office. I run down to get our tickets and then met Patrick to let him in. He got a hot dog and I wanted to go to our seats so that I would not miss them coming out. I look at the tickets and it says portal U - I look at the portals upstairs and there was no U - infact they were all double letters. I check the section and it says 18. I am thinking, oh my gosh they are downstairs! This is unreal. So I go down to get Patrick and go to our new seats. Then I spot the row, it says 3 !! Yes three !! I am thinking - this is great! We give our tickets to the usher and he says that we have to go down a portal and then all the way to the floor !! I was thinking he was joking at that point, so we head down the stairs and down onto the floor. Now the main stage is a portal away from our new seats and then they have a walk around stage that goes all around the floor. So we are basically 10 feet from the stage !! I just couldn't believe our luck. I paid 35 dollars each for Patrick and I's tickets and look where we are. We were so, so lucky. The concert was amazing !! All the band members came around to us and were so close. And yes, Patrick did come with me willingly. I did not have to drag him there !! He also had a great time, was yelling,clapping, and singing right along with me. (aren't I lucky). One of the band members threw out a few guitar picks into
the audience and Patrick almost caught it, in the end he found it for me !! A little sovenier to take home. At one point a whole bunch of ballons, some small and some large. They were fun to pass around the audience. All in all, I had an amazing time, and feel so blessed to have such great luck. Also to spend the evening with Patrick, just the two of us. Sorry it was so long.

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