Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Spontaneous Photo Shoot

I really did have good intentions of getting some cute valentine's pictures of the kids. Including matching outfits, hearts galore, and even confetti. Well, you get the picture. But real life got in the way and I had to settle for a quick, let's throw some clothes on the kids,go out in the cold,hurry and grab the candy hearts photo shoot.

This is how it went:
Two o'clock on Saturday. Noah decides that today of all days he decides he is not tired and is not going to take a nap. Well okay then, let's go take some pictures for the crazy photographer lady that we call mommy. A mad rush to get the kids changed, hair semi done and gather props. Put the kids in the car. Two minutes from reaching the photo shoot destination Noah decides that he is now tired and falls asleep !! Well, plan B for now. Go to the grocery strore and then go and take pictures.

Groceries bought, Noah has had an hour long nap, off we go with a grumpy 19 month old. Great.

The weather is actually not bad for winter in these parts. It was probably 52 degrees. Katelyn starts complaining immediately when I ask them to take their coats off really quick for a few photos and didn't stop complaining the whole time. Maddie is the best one of the bunch and is happy to smile cheesily at the camera. All Noah wanted to do was chase the ducks except when I brought out the lolipops. (There were ducks at the farm that we went to). So that is how it went. With that said I am happy with the few shots that I got and so I want to share them with you.

Happy Heart Day to everyone !!

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