Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project life Week 2 and some extras

Woke up to this wonderful scene this morning. Also this morning it was so cold and very windy so it made it even colder outside. The high was supposed to get to 15 !! Spring where are you?

I read an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago about a father having a "daddy" day with his kids every month. A one on one, do anything, day. Whether it be going to get an ice cream cone, playing at the park, or just reading a story together. I thought it was a wonderful idea. They did it each month on the day that the child was born. So being the first of the month and Maddie was born March 1 it made it her day. Our very first "Daddy" day. Maddie was so thrilled to have daddy all to her self- even though we all joined in at the end. She was asked what she wanted to do with daddy and since the video games are pretty popular in our household right now that is what she choose. They sat there for a little while playing by themselves, no pants and messy hair. I loved it. I hope that we can keep this new found tradition going.

Week 2 of Project Life is complete. This is side one. January 12 - January 20. January 11 was our anniversary and we went on a short one night stay up at the condo in Midway. It was so nice to get away and have some good family time. I want to do a layout on our trip so that is why its not in the book yet. So the first picture is of katelyn's signature. The second picture is of her third helping of breakfast. Lately the girls have been eating alot in the mornings. It blows me away how much they have for breakfast. The third picture is of a camera that i would like to have someday. I also included a menu from our favorite restaurant up in Park City. We ate there for dinner during our stay.

This is side 2 of week 2. The first picture is of the oils I have to keep us all healthy and to help Noah with his lactose problems. We could not live without that one. The second picture is of me when i was asked to come and speak at Enrichment night at the church. I went and talked about scrapbooking and then we went and put together a layout that I made for the ladies. It was fun.
The third picture is of Maddie at her first tumbling class. All the kids had to wait in line to do jumps, somersaults, ect. She loved it. The fourth picture is of Katelyn working on her "Project Life" book. She kept begging me to get one for her and so i gave in and went to Roberts and she picked out her own album and then she asked for some page protectors like mine. We filled some pages up with pictures she picked out and she was busy journaling on her journaling cards. It was really fun to have her scrapbooking with me !! I am really enjoying this new way of scrapbooking. It something new and I think that is what is really inspiring me right now. Here is a look at the whole week put together.

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