Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lake Isabella and a few extras

The day before Patrick started work we wanted to do something all together, something fun. Not really knowing the area at all we decided to drive up to Lake Isabella. The lake is huge !! Much bigger than the lake we go waverunning on at home. Here is a picture of the drive up the canyon. Much different landscape than at home.

It was colder up there in the mountains of course, and windy. Very windy. So it made it even colder. Not very conducive to swimming or even wading in the water. So we got out of the car and about three minutes later we all got back in the car. See photo below. The kids were really cold.

Oh well. The drive was very pretty and we got to eat at this very cute little diner up in the town near the lake. It was called the Cowgirl Cafe. Maddie was so excited to eat there because she is so into the whole cowgirl theme. She even had her cowgirl boots on !! She wears them all day every day. See photo.  And of course on the wrong feet.

After seeing the lake we drove back down the canyon and found a little hiking trail that went down to the river. Noah was so cute, we wanted to hold someone's hand the whole hike. Grandma was the first. See photo.
Here are a few photos from our hike. 

The next day Patrick went off to start his new job. Here are a few pictures from the official send off from the driveway. As you will see Noah was beyond upset. The second picture is so funny, look for him on the ground crying. After we came inside from saying goodbye to daddy Maddie just sat on the couch with her arms folded for a while. A little while later i hear this from her. "Mommy, I am not happy at all. " I asked her why. Cause daddy had to go to work. Katelyn quickly follows with her remarks about being unhappy as well. I tell the girls that I am not happy about it either and gave them a speech about how daddys have to go to work so that we can have a house to live in, food to eat. But they didn't want to hear it !! So funny. 

Well that is all I have to time to share right now. Until next time. Everyone Take care now.

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