Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our own little piece of California

Sometimes things have a way of working themselves out. That is exactly what happened to us with our house experience. In the end we got exactly what we wanted which is wonderful. Below is a picture of our very own little piece of California. Our very first home. I am so excited and can't wait to move in, to paint, to decorate. 30 - 45 days to close on the house. We are moving on Saturday into the rental until we can close on the house.

Sorry it's so dark. No time for photoshop. 

Here are a few snapshots from our trip down to California. 
This is our circle. 

Palm trees. Much different than here.
Noah very much enjoyed the huge backyard. It is on a quarter acre lot and the backyard is huge compared to all the other houses we saw. That was the selling point for this house. The house itself is on the smaller side but the backyard makes up for it. We plan to put a swing set in the backyard, a good sized garden, some citrus trees. The builders are putting in grass and sprinklers for us, part of the house incentives. Oh and the house is brand new !! I love it.
Another shot of the backyard. Noah was in heaven. It was a huge sandbox.
A new found favorite park. There is a flowing stream right through the park that the kids can play in. I can see us spending alot of time there.
A swim in the cold hotel pool. Daddy is acting as the whale again. 
A shot from the front door of the house we really wanted. Since the loan process took a little longer than expected( didn't know there were different rules in California- loan guy did not tell us this) we didn't get our offer in in time. The bank took another offer the day before we could get ours in. This was a great home. The room to the right was to be a great scrapbook room. Oh well. 
Our view driving home was gorgeous. Right outside the city are these beautiful, green, rolling hills. It was amazing. There freeway was lined with citrus trees, nut trees, ect. There was even some farms that we can visit and go pick our own oranges, and other things. I am looking forward to that. Well that is it for now. I must go pack some more boxes. I will probably do an update next week when we are down in California.

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