Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter, the ocean, ect.

So life is still going strong. Crazy as ever. I thought that I would share some pics with you all. The first week we were here these two items joined the family. Brand spanking new and I love them !! Oh and before we left we bought a beautiful bed set. Patrick put the bed together and it is beautiful. I can't wait until we move so that I can unwrap the rest of the set. It will be like christmas.

We had a wonderful easter despite the bad start. I searched online for a free Easter egg hunt in the city, found one at 10:00 am. Perfect, I thought. Not to early, we will be fine. We headed out, maybe a few minutes late, headed in the right direction. Followed the directions to the letter but there was no community center to be seen. Did some searching again on my phone, looked up the Community Center itself and finally made it there. But we were too late, they had already had the egg hunt. The girls were very disapointed, tears even !! So again, got out the trusty phone and luckily found a local christian church that was hosting some Easter festivities that included a free hot dog lunch, bouncy house, train rides, face painting, and of course a huge easter egg hunt. Halleluiah I said. We headed over there in plenty of time and the kids had a wonderful time. They didn't want to leave. Here are some pictures from the event.
Bouncy House 

 Noah had this painted on his hand. He is obsessed with Mickey and especially Mickey Mouse. I can't wait to take him to disneyland in a few weeks.
Noah didn't quite know what to do at the egg hunt. But Patrick showed him that there was candy inside the eggs and to pick them up and then put them in his basket. He caught on real quick. Until he decided he had enough eggs and just wanted the candy inside !!

Katelyn and Maddie really did well, going as fast as they could to gather up the eggs.

Last Saturday Patrick and I had the opportunity to leave the kids behind with Grandma and drive down to Santa Monica. I just love the beach and it was killing me to be so close to the beach and not drive down and see it. The drive was beautiful, fruit trees, green hills, ect. It took about and hour and forty five minutes to get to where the pier and beach are. Well worth the drive, it is beautiful there. The weather was a little chilly but nothing to bad. We lucked out and found a great parking spot right by the water. We walked along the beach towards the pier and took some pictures along the way. Here are a few. Oh yeah, when we first got there it was so windy but thankfully it died down a little while later. After we walked around the beach and then the pier, we walked down Santa Monica Blvd. to get some dinner. The street performers are amazing and so fun to watch. We ate at this Chinese, Thai restraunt and it was so good. Overall a wonderful, amazing, kid free night.

Well I need to wrap it up now. Was hoping to share Easter Sunday with you but that will have to wait until next time. And I am almost done with the next Project Life week. Something is going on with my laptop and my printer. They are not communicating very well and no joke it takes an hour( I timed it) to print anything. Patrick is convinced its the printer and has to call Epson about it. Oh man, don't get me started about my printer frustrations. Another reason that I can't wait to move so that I can have my desktop back and get back to normal scrapbooking functions again. Also to unpack my scrapbook stuff. So stay tuned for a week of project life coming soon.

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