Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Checking In

Hello everyone.

It has been quite the busiest last few weeks, with the house this and thats, moving, changing schools, changing states, but through it all it has been amazing. We are loving California, the weather is amazing. The bugs on the other hand are not !! They are everywhere, and big too !!

California lesson #1 - Do not leave any type of food out on the grass for any amount of time, not even for a second. I learned that ants do not make for tasty pizza toppings !! 

We had a HUGE spider living in the backyard under a crack in the house. Patrick caught him and threw him over the fence. We are hoping he does not come back. Oh yeah, did I mention the Fred the frog. Here is a picture.

It was the first morning that we were here I get abruptly woken up by Patrick. He drags me down the hall and points to something hiding in the corner by my mothers room. It was a frog !! He must have made his way in the day before while we had the door open all day. I named him Fred and he lived for a little while in our tub and then the kids put him in the kiddie pool. They loved it, kept begging me to keep him. But Patrick and the kids took him across the street to the field and let him loose.

Back to the pre move. Katelyn and Maddie were great helpers with packing and helping load the truck. At one point they wanted me to tape them up and put them in the truck !! I was very tempted to make their wishes come true. See below.
Noah is obsessed with cars, trucks, and trains. He was beyond excited when Patrick pulled up in the Uhaul truck. He spent all day out there the Thursday we were packing the truck. He was in heaven, with his daddy by his side.

 We said goodbye to my dad the day that we left and it brought tears to my eyes. We will miss grandpa tickles, hikes with grandpa, times at the lake, chases around the house, and trips to wheeler farm. My mom drove down with us and is still here right now.

On the way down Noah got a chance to ride in the Uhaul truck and boy was he ever happy. 
The kids love the tub in the master bath. It is huge and they can all fit in in. The first night we were here they all got in and took a bath together, splashing, and even sliding into the tub, using the tub itself as a slide. So much fun.

The weather when we got here was wonderful. It was warm enough that we put swim suits on and let the kids play in the water while we moved the rest of the boxes in.
I just have to say that they weren't lying about it being SUNNY CALIFORNIA.  I had my camera set for cloudy Utah weather and took some pics of the kids that day without even checking them. They were all way overexposed and horrible. Lesson learned and adjusted now!! See below.
 We took my mom over to see the house, at least the outside of it and the yard. We got a picture of us all in the front, again hadn't figured out about the settings yet for the camera !! This picture is so funny, Maddie has her tongue sticking out, Katelyn is un happy about the fact that she has to stand out in the "SUN", and Noah is making a fish face !! How's that for a family photo. But i love it, all of us in front of our very first home. Can't wait to move in.

That is all i have time for right now. I have more to share. We took a family drive up to Lake Isabella the day before Patrick started work. So I will share that tomorrow. Also need to start working on my Project Life album as well, so behind. I am waiting for some ink for my printer. Might have to make a Costco order.

Until next time.

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Kim and Preston said...

Wait you live in California. Its been way too long. What are you doing out there. Send me a message so I can get an update on your life. Your kids are so cute and I love hearing about your adventures with your new home. Etc. That is so exciting.