Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Currently . . .    My parents are still here !!! They decided to stay an extra day.

Currently . . .   There are cookies being made.

Currently . . .   Noah was trying to help do the dishes. He put some liquid dish soap in the bottom of the dishwasher and now we have had suds up the wazoo for two days now. Currently trying vinegar.

Currently . . .  The house is a disaster. But who cares, right ?!!!

Currently . . .   I am taking part in the March instagram photo a day challenge. Anyone else playing along ?

Click here to visit her blog and to learn more

Currently . . .  Maddie is reading to Grandpa. She is becoming a little reader.

Currently . . .  Enjoyed a well needed date night. Thanks mom !!

Currently . . .   Planning a 5 year old's birthday party this weekend.

Currently . . .  Wishing I had more time in the day. I want to get back to work on my PL. Soon, I say !!

Currently . . .  Loving the weather. It is just fantastic here. Forecast says 75 today and 80 by the weekend.

Currently . . .  Waiting for our tax return check to come

Currently . . .  Talking about Ford Mustangs and Minivans. Both are being planned for the near future !!

Just wanted to check in with you all. Thank you very much for being patient with me during this time off I have been experiencing. We are all enjoying some quality time with the grandparents. Hope to be back this week, or at the latest early next week.

Have a great week everyone.

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Miss M! said...

I found your blog through Pinterest. It's probably taken care of now, but if you ever get dish soap in your dishwasher again, a small capful of liquid fabric softener through an empty cycle will get rid of them.