Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vacation Recap

I truly believe that travel, vacations, time off is good for the soul. It replenishes you, leaves you feeling great. I love to travel, take road trips, explore new surroundings, vacation, and most definitely love traveling to Disneyland. There is a special magic there that can't be duplicated, and it can be felt no matter what age you are.  I also love that my husband loves Disneyland almost as much as the kids do !!

This trip was by far the best we have had at Disneyland. The kids had a great time, we were able to meet so many different characters, and had some good weather (no rain). We were asked to join Patrick's brother and his family at Disneyland and of course we said YES. We met up with them on Tuesday and we stayed until Friday afternoon when we traveled to the Phoenix area to visit Patrick's sister and her family. We spent the weekend with them and then headed back home on Sunday.  It was really fun to spend some time with them and for the kids to share in the fun with their cousins.

It is back to real life now. I am just finishing up the laundry, reading the mail, meal planning, and cleaning the house. My parents are currently on the road right now coming down to see us !! We are so excited to have them visit and to celebrate my mom's birthday tomorrow.

I don't have much time today and I don't have anything scrappy to share just yet. But I did want to check in and share some of my favorite vacation shots. Not sure when I will be able to do some more scrapping with my parents being here, so please hold tight !!

Here we go :

Noah was so excited to see Mater and McQueen !!


"IT TALK", Noah quote

Cute baby Charolette

We rode the tea cups the most on this trip. The kids just love them. And we always did Girls in one tea cup and boys in the other.

Tinkerbell was a HUGE hit  ! Thanks Tink !

Mickey Ears

Breakfast with the characters for Maddie's birthday. Maddie turned 5 on Thursday !!

Katelyn is still scared of Captain Hook. Patrick had to drag her out from underneath the table to get this picture.

The Disney Jr. Live show was one of Noah's favorite parts.

Pins of the day

Maddie looking at the map at the wilderness park in California Adventure

The girls could have done this all day ! The tire swing.

 We were lucky to catch the Phineas and Ferb show.

Uncle Danny trying to Hula Hoop during the show

Daddy trying to Hula Hoop

Maddie and her cousin Breanna dancing in the show

Katelyn got in on the action

Turkey legs !!

Priceless was this moment. To see Noah's face when he met BUZZ, and to get a high 5 from him was indescribable.

We have stayed at the same hotel the past few trips and we love it. It is the closest hotel from the Disneyland entrance. Always asking us if there is anything that we need. In the lobby they have juice, cookies, fruit, and croissants in the mornings.  They gave us water bottles every morning to take in to the park. Their free breakfast is amazing !! And they also provide you with dinner !! Which is wonderful. This time when I called they asked if I was celebrating anything and by chance we were. It took them it was Maddie's birthday. So the hotel left Maddie a wonderful gift that was a bag stuffed full of Disney stuff, coloring books, crayons, toys you get the idea. Along with the bag we also got a free small birthday cake !! It was delicious and I didn't have to make it, or go out and buy it either !! So if you are ever in need of a great hotel stay at the Park Vue Inn !!

One of the ways Patrick survived

As mentioned before, on Friday we left Disneyland and headed to Phoeniz Arizona to visit Patrick's sister and her family. On Saturday I looked up things to do around that area and found a Train Park. Noah loves trains and Kami( Patrick's sister) has three boys. It was so fun. They had two trains that you could ride on, a carousel, two huge playgrounds and lots of space to run. We packed a lunch and ate on the grounds before exploring the train park. 

The little train

The kids were practicing their balancing

The main reason that we went to Phoenix was to bless their new baby August. Patrick was asked to come down and to give a blessing in church to their new baby. Isn't he sweet.

On the way into Phoenix we spotted some HUGE dinosaurs on the side of the road. On the way home we stopped to take a closer look. Apparently their is a dinosaur museum/park and they have the Worlds largest dinosaurs, and yes they were HUGE !!  Our resident dinosaur lover/expert was in heaven and didn't want to leave her pet dinosaurs !

On the T-rex's foot

Please don't eat me !

 The T-rex

 Whew !! I made it through that one. Lots of fun stuff this week.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I have to run now, lots to do before grandma and grandpa get here.


Lynette said...

Stunning photos...my grandsons would just freak out if they could meet the Cars and Buzz.

Heather Crawford said...

Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate this into PL..we went two weeks ago and I feel overwhelmed by that week, so I've skipped it for now..lol

Kim and Preston said...

That looks like alot of fun! So jealous! I think Preston and I need a trip to Disney Land!