Monday, March 26, 2012

She turns 5

Happy Monday everyone !!

I do half to admit that Mondays are not my favorite. They mean weekends over, back to school, back to reality, back to the to do list, and back to cleaning. You see Mondays are cleaning, vacuuming, finish the laundry days. Yuck !!

I do want to take some time today and share with you all some pictures from Maddie's birthday party. Birthdays are usually big deals around our house and this one was no exception. Way before he birthday came around I took Maddie to the party store to pick out her birthday "THEME". Up and down the aisles we went,  in search of the perfect birthday party stuff. It took a little while to come to a decision. But in the end it was Smurfs. Yes, Smurfs. Don't know why but Smurfs were the first choice. So we had a smurf party.

My Birthday Girl.

I invited some of Maddie's friends from church to her birthday party. I made invitations on the computer and we took them out one Sunday afternoon before the birthday party. She was so excited to get to deliver the invitations.

The big day came around and I had everything done. I reused the idea of printing out some Smurfs to hang around the house for decorations.

We played Bingo.

All the kids were given a bucket so that they could search and pick smurf berries. (AKA easter eggs that I had hid around the room).

We also played musical chairs to the Smurf theme song, and then opened presents. Then came the cake. I really was going to research something cute to make. But the day before the party, reality came knocking and I realized that I didn't have time.And I decided to save my sanity and order one from the store. I am really glad I did and it turned out real cute. The two smurfs I already had at home so I had them leave room for them on top.

I would give anything to know what she wished for !!

Blowing out the candles.

That was it for Maddie's birthday party. It was a lot of fun and I know all the girls had fun. Happy Birthday Maddie. I love you so much !!

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Shayne said...

Such a cute theme - love the smurfs.

She looks like she had an awesome birthday!