Monday, July 1, 2013

Day In The Life June

I really did have good intentions of doing A Day In The Life this month. Although, it started out late. I realized it was the day to do it a little before 9 am. So I started from there and took some photos.

The day started at 6:45 am. Noah has been getting up super early lately. Like 6 am on the dot early. In desperation I ordered him his very own alarm clock/wake up clock. This was the second day of use and he stayed in his room until 6: 45 !! It glows green when it is time to get up.

I took a shot of his clock on his dresser.

Only in Katelyn's room where dinosaurs and my little ponies co exist !! She was playing at 9 : 14 am.

12: 45. Lunch. Included a salad and a peanut butter shake for me. Chicken nuggets, fruit for the kids.

1:21 p.m. Sidewalk chalk on the front porch. Maddie's 3D glasses.

Noah playing with the stencil.

3:45 pm. 6 loads of laundry. All folded and put away.

3: 52. Swimming at the gym pool.

5:45 pm. The electronics duo on the stairs. I make dinner. Pork chops, butternut squash, carrots, rice.

Did anyone else play along this month ? I want to try harder next month to do it better.  Here is to hoping and wishing that I can make it happen.

One last thing. I have been a fan and a blog reader of Autumn from for a while now. She posted her day in the life photos on her blog. I love them. WOW !! Go check it out.  I just loved the photo of her son sitting in his chair watching the garbage truck. It is something Noah would love to do, no luck here. They come at 6 am !!

Here is the link :

Simply Autumn blog

Have a good day everyone.

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