Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Around here . . .

 (Noah and I out doing some furniture browsing, see below)    

Around here . . . 

Longing to wisk the family away for spring break.

Watching the 3rd season of Sherlock. Kids finished reading the 3rd Harry Potter book and started the movie last night !

Loving being creative. In both my scrap room and my home.

Planning a small Valentine's day. A very soon to be 9 year old' s birthday celebration. Meals. Certain crafty projects that I want to finish this year.  A soon to be 7 year old's birthday. A trip to see my brother and sister in law. Home Decor projects, rooms, ect. Lots of planning.

Eating cottage cheese and strawberry's and lots of salads. Trying to eat more healthy.

Moving more. Got our gym membership back. Zumba, spin classes here I come.

Trying to see the needs of others more. Things are running smoothly in our home for the time being. Least I think so, loving it.

Getting ready for a scrapbooking/project life night with some neighbors/friends at my house on Friday night. Some of them have scrapbooked before, some have not. Going to introduce them. Should be fun ! 

Listening to Spotify. Songs like Up All Night, Roar, the new one from my favorite country band, are some of the songs on repeat.

Going Through my scrap space slowly. Getting rid of a lot. Can we say Purge, Amen.

Shopping for a couch, accent chair for our front room/sitting room. No luck so far. Planning a trip to the LA area soon. The room is currently completely empty. Shopping for vintage map prints to go in my frames that are on the wall, currently have the same ballerina in them (she needs to be kicked out). Shopping for a Moroccan stencil for one of my walls upstairs. Lots of fun.

Sorry I have been MIA as of late.  As you can see I have been busy. I promise to be back very soon.

Until next time. 

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