Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Project Life Week 7

Hello there everyone !!

I have completed week 7 which was Valentine's Day week. It was a crazy week, not that many usual photos.

During week 7 I had lots of opportunities to take some fun "LOVE" photos. I added those in here and there. For example : This one of the girls under my I love you banner.

Title card.

My journaling cards for the first page.

Since I really didn't take that many regular photos this week, I am not sure why. But I made a photo collage of some of the photo shoot photos.

Here is a look at a filler card and then a photo that some of you might have seen on instagram. I added journaling to the bottom. And I am going to switch out the iphone filler card with one from the BH Project 52 Edition, the card in the actual photo. It is not that I don't love the iphone card, I will use it somewhere else I promise. Cause it is a great card !

Moving on to the second page. I used the pocket page Design G for the right side. I am planning on adding in a 2 page spread about our Valentine's Day photo shoot on the other side.

I made a journaling card about what we did on Valentine's Day. We decided last minute to take a trip out to the beach. The photo next to it is from a road side fruit stand that we stopped at on the way out to the coast.

I ended up adding a photo from our beach trip into this week. I am going to make a 2 page spread about our beach day.

The day after V day is my oldest daughters birthday. I added a small photo of her and her birthday cake onto some patterned paper.

I did not have another photo to slip into this pocket but I needed to journal about K's birthday. I used 2 3x4 journaling cards to journal about her birthday.

The other photo on the right side was one that Noah brought home from School and I LOVE it !! So fun, I had to figure out how to incorporate it into this week. To the rescue was Design G !!

That is it for me today. Week 7 is done. I have only got week 5 left in January to finish and then January is done. And I've got most of week 6 done already. It is feels really good !

Thanks for sticking around with me and I hope to be back here soon to share some more.

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