Friday, February 27, 2015

Project Life Week 4

Hello Everyone !!

Yesterday was the February Edition of the Becky Higgins Creative Team Inspiration on her blog. In honor of this I wanted to share with you some pages that were featured on her blog. It is still surreal to see my pages on her blog, I get all excited waiting for the day ! He He. 

I am going to share my Week 4 pages today with you. 

I was soooooo excited when the Project 52 Edition came out and knew I had to get it. I do my pages by the week and so these fun week cards are perfect. Aren't they sooo fun. I want to see if I can embellish the next week I use this kit with. Oh the possibilities. 

Can you believe that I have yet to use Design F. Yep, ever since PL has been out I have yet to play around with this one. I have to say it was SOOOOO fun. I have always thought that it looked to daunting with all the little pockets. It was simply perfect for all my iphone photos that I took this week. 

This was the week that everyone got sick. Yeah, good times. To top it off my better half was out of town all week for business. 

Highlights/lowlights : 

lots of eating out, less cooking for me. 
3 sick kids
I got sick on Saturday morning
new curtains 
Patrick's plane was detoured down to LAX
Found out about the detour after I had woken all the kids up and drove out to the airport on a super foggy night. 
Kids made Olafs using toilet paper rolls and paint
I started painting my scrap studio space

I had this idea for a journaling card while I was sitting in the McDonalds line for the 4th time. My mind was trying to remember how many times I had been here (in the drive thru line) in the past week. That got me thinking about other thing, regarding numbers and how many of this and how many of that. So I kept notes throughout the week and added this fun journaling card to my album. 

I felt bad that we didn't do anything fun all week so on Sunday afternoon, even though I was sick, I pulled out some art supplies. The kids made Olaf's with toilet paper rolls and paint. They created for literally hours ! 

Maddie gathered some members of the Husky family for a cruise around the neighborhood. 

Moving on to the second page.  The weather had been foggy, foggy, and foggy. The sun did not shine until Sunday. I was so grateful to see the blue sky and the sun shining. 

I added a Stampin Up digital brush to the photo before printing. 

The Days of the week cards are great in the Project 52 kit. I can see me using them often. I also just had to add this perfect card to the week. "This too shall pass" was exactly what was needed.  

I spent Monday finishing up my pages for my Becky Higgins blog post. I put them all together and took a picture. 

I added a Project 52 photo overlay on top of this photo. I love to use photo overlays, they are an easy way to add some embellishments to your pages. 

Here is another RECAP card about Week 4. I added a stamp from a Studio Calico kit and a wood veneer finished off the journaling card. 

Week 4 is done and in the books. So very thankful for Project Life. 

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