Friday, March 20, 2015

Around Here

Around here I have been spending lots of time in bed. I am trying to get over this bad cold I have.

Around here I have been thinking about paint colors. As you can see I tried one out already.

Around here I have birthday party prepping. The girls are having a joint birthday party tomorrow.

Around here I have been playing with my Story Kit from Ali Edwards. More on this later when I finish week 8.

Around here We have been weeding the flower beds and getting our garden boxes in the ground. It was 90 degrees last weekend and the kids were hot. So we thought we'd help them out by drenching them in a bucket of ice water.

Around here I have been working on my Week 8 of Project Life.

Around here I have been trying to get some exercise. That is until I got my cold and didn't want to even get out of bed. I logged 13.5 miles last week and only 2 this week.

Around here the kids have been spending most afternoons out and about with the neighbor kids.

Around here I am looking forward to feeling better and getting the girls birthday party done tomorrow.

Around here we have been enjoying some great sunsets.

Around here we celebrated pi day last Friday. It is tradition to have pizza and pie

Around here the kids are being introduced to skateboards. Heaven help me.

Around here we had a visit from a little leprechaun.

Around here we still haven't had our mini St. Patrick's Day photo shoot.  Planning on next week.

Around here I look forward to finishing up some projects : Week 8 in my PL, finish weeding and plant some more flowers and bushes in the front yard, get some things up on the walls in my scrap room, finish up the garden boxes and plant our veggies.

Stay tuned next week. For I should be back to blogging again !!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

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