Friday, May 20, 2016

Week In The Life 2016 | Friday

The weekend is here !! The weekend is here !!

I am looking forward to it as I always do. I am a huge fan of the weekends.

I was thinking about this past week that I participated in the WITL. Thinking how it was not a completely normal week, then on the other hand it was. This time of the year we have soccer and baseball practice, and Girl Scouts. But it just so happened that none of those activities happened this week. The boys were going on a camping trip today and that is not normal either. But this is what makes life interesting and definitely not boring. I will take normal life all day, ever day, seven days a week.

What is normal. Ali Edwards shared a wonderful quote from Mary Jean Irion on her blog that I want to include in my album somewhere. It was a great quote.

Friday morning started out with getting the kids off to school like usual. I went in to work on the computer some. Using lots of lots of patience because the computer still is not working properly. I again begged and pleaded with Patrick. We put a plan in motion to get it updated and working smoothly again.

I also spent some time deep cleaning the carpet in the back of my van. For the past couple days there has been a bad smell in the car. We finally figured out what was causing it. I have a clean smelling car again. 

The boys were leaving later to go on a boys only camping trip with our church group. I needed to run to the store for " Essentials ". I hopped in the shower and got ready.

I am not a person that is into make up lately. Not really have I been ever. This is my makeup bag.

I texted Patrick to see if he wanted to meet for lunch. We ended up at Flaming Skewers. Yumm. We both had pita sandwiches. He had rice. I had salad.

I picked up Noah and Maddie at school because I wanted to take Noah to get his hair cut before they went camping. Forgot to get a photo.

We filled up the van with gas and picked out a few treats at the gas station before it was time to go pick up Katelyn. We had a few minutes before she came out so we took a few selfies. This was the best one.

I dropped the kids off at home and ran to Albertsons for necessities for the weekend.

Necessities list :

The boys wanted little soda cans for their camping.
Frozen pizza for the girls for dinner.
Cake and jello were requested.
Ice cream and chips for me.
Dr. Pepper for the mama.
Popcorn for our movie.

I tried to take a photo of me putting groceries in the car. The place was packed with lots of people around so I figured this would do.  I felt really akward setting up the timer on the shopping cart. But you got to do what you got to do when its WITL.

The boys got busy packing up the car. The tent and sleeping bags are in and they are ready to go.

Patrick is so great about getting me photos. Here are some he sent me over the weekend.

Setting up the tent.

The boys went off looking for ladybugs.

The beautiful sunset.

The trees are huge up there in the mountains.

The girls played some Minecraft while I did some more scrapbooking.

They went to bed way late and so did I but that is what we do when the boys are gone. We had a great time ! All in all it was a great day.

Stay tuned for Saturday and more scrappy goodness. Have great day everyone.

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