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Week In The Life | Wednesday & Thursday

Welcome to Week In The Life | Wednesday and Thursday

I have to be honest. Wednesday was rough. For so many reasons. But it was also wonderful. For so many reasons.

There were battles. Funny moments and everything else in between.

I woke up not feeling so great. Tired mostly, I have been fighting a mild cold. I took two Advil cold and sinus along with some Doterra oils hoping that will help.

I even put on my workout clothes. I told myself that if I go for a walk I can check my IG feed and such.

This week at school Maddie and her class are participating in Apple Valley Days. Each kid gets to play a pioneer. They get to dress up, bring lunches in buckets to school. Lots of fun. We braided her hair like the pioneers did and she carried her " school " books with her belt. Lots of fun.

** I have not edited any of these photos I am sharing this week for Week In The Life. **

After the school I didn't feel like doing anything. I ended up on the computer trying to write the previous blog post. Currently our computer is having some difficulties, as Iphoto is not working real well. Last night I begged my hubby to see if he can help over the weekend. I spent the next three hours uploading photos to the blog, trying not to get too frustrated, and working on my album.

If you guys could see my room right now you would laugh. It is a disaster. Things everywhere, a few different projects going on at once. Oh well, at least its a happy mess. I worked on my album some while I was waiting here and there for my slow computer.

I took a shower and went to pick up the kids. It is Wednesday and the kids always ask me to pick them up from school because its short day and the bus is all sorts of crazy !!

I snap a photo of our milage and the temperature. 88 degrees already.

Before we even get to the car Noah says he needs to go to the bathroom really bad. We waited and wandered 7 Eleven while we waited. I offer to take him to the school bathroom but he refuses. "Mom, you don't want to go in there. " Okay we stop at 7 Eleven. That lead to slurpies and a big gulp for me.

For me. Dr. Pepper all the way.

For them.

On the way to the library we each take turns taking a play by play of our day. I went first says my day was pretty boring and then everyone else chimed in that their day was the most boring. They chuckled when I went on and on about fighting with the computer for 3 hours and almost took a nap 27 times. It was good times. These little moments were the sprinkles of life.

Off to the library because Katelyn is in crisis. She doesn't have a book to read. So insert a trip to the library.

Noah read a whole book to me. By himself. This is HUGE !! I loved every minute of it.

I love me a stack of library books.

We got home and I was about to start dinner when I got a text that Girl Scouts was cancelled. The girls usually have Girl Scouts on Wednesdays. Plan B for dinner, BBQ. Patrick came home shortly after that and we both, mostly him cooked/BBQed.

We recently got a new BBQ because our old one bit the dust. Katelyn was so excited about having bbqed foods again she kept mentioning it all through dinner. " Oh man, I love the new BBQ ".

On the menu tonight was sausages, mini bell peppers, corn on the cob, and olives. Nothing fancy but oh so good.

Of course the kids swam today. As soon as we got home basically they were in the pool.

I love our neighborhood, and our neighbors. This scene is very typical. Once someone is outside working on their yard, or playing with their kids we all tend to gather and chat. This lasted a while. I snuck a photo and purposely made everyone blurry. Love it !

The adults chat and the kids play.

Noah still loves to take tubs unlike the girls. He likes to take his time, make messes, get lots of water on the floor, ect. This bathroom is one of those unfinished projects.

I took several shots of him in the tub. I can't decide which one I like more.

Katelyn has lots of homework this week for some reason. More than normal. I am guessing that it is because we are nearing the end of the school year. She sat at the counter to do her homework before bed.

Remember when I said that Wednesday was rough. Noah was testing me the whole afternoon. Wanting to use new toothpaste, and then wanted to use normal floss instead of his kid floss, after that it was can I sleep in the teepee. This kid is stubborn as anything and will not give up. I said no to many things today but we won the teepee battle. I let him sleep in his room and boy was he happy. I was tired, I was past the point of wanting to be a parent. That time is usually between 7 and 8 pm. Some battles are ok to lose just as long as you win the war.

We even had a bedtime story in the teepee.

That is the end of Wednesday. Whew. I am grateful that tomorrow is another day.


In the morning I went through the grocery ads and did a little meal planning while I caught up on one of my tv shows.

I showered and actually did my hair I think for the first time this week. Ooops. Thursdays are the days that I go and help out at the school. I did just that and even managed to get a quick photo before anyone realized it. Thank goodness it was a slow day in the office. I lucked out. I have to say that I love helping out in the classroom and even making copies for the teachers. It gives me an opportunity to interact with their teachers, check up on the kids, and even get to know the office ladies and other teachers.

After the school I went to Trader Joes and then a brief stop in at Albertsons. While at Albertsons I realized that I was looking at the wrong weeks ads. Gosh darn it. Since I was there I grabbed an ad and did a little shopping for a few things on sale. Thankfully most of them were on sale again so I didn't miss out on much. I headed home kind of bummed that I wasn't going to get the chance to eat out for lunch. That is usually the plan. Go volunteer, then grocery shop and grab some lunch.

While at Trader Joes I picked up this bag of Riced Califlower to substitute it for rice. We had beef and broccoli for dinner. I have seen other people try it so I thought I would give it a go.

Putting away groceries is not my favorite.

Since I was home for lunch I made my own instead of eating out. I couldn't decide between a salad or a smoothie. So I had a little bit of both. I halved the smoothie recipe and made a smaller salad. Yumm. I took some time to relax, look at the correct ads and finish up The Blacklist.

Open. Open. Open. Please. P.S. Thank you Trader Joes for always providing me with beautiful flowers. Todays pick were peonies.

Maddie has loved the emoji plushies from McDonalds Happy Meals.

Our attempt at Division math facts. Thankfully she is pretty fluent and it doesn't take to long.

Thursdays are sometimes rough. It is not quite the weekend, so I still expect everyone to do a few chores, homework, ect. Well this Thursday was no different. I was super tired by the time that the kids got home and I tried my best to coordinate and order everyone around so to speak. I quickly lost steam and so it turned out to be a " let's make a fort and have pillow fights kind of an afternoon.

Pillow fights.

This boy is always wearing his Santa hat. To bed. Around the house.

Noah's favorite chore hands down is to water the garden.

After I supervised some of the garden watering I went back inside. The next thing I know is that these two were taking turns squirting eachother. They were conducting a test to see which spray function is their favorite  !!!!! So naturally they both were all soaking wet by the end of the testing.

Katelyn has a few projects due tomorrow for school. So thankful she is a great sport about getting stuff down and will be here most of the night.

I helped print off pictures for her State Report brochure. She brought me her brochure and told me where she needed the photos. I measured what size and printed them out. I am grateful for my photoshop skills in times like this.

About 5 pm I decided that I needed a fast power nap. I went up and laid down and set my alarm for an hour. THIS was much needed and I was good to go the rest of the day.

When I woke up I found this scene in the pool. The famous daddy/kid made whirlpool. They all run/walk as fast as they can around the pool and it makes a small whirlpool that they can coast around.

And of course any time daddy swims with them they request this.

Again Daddy.

It was time to make a quick dinner of Beef and Broccoli and they all loved it. After dinner clean up it was time to get ready for bed.

Any time Patrick is looking at his phone, watching videos, or music the girls are also sucked in.

" Daddy I need some help with my report cover. " She asked me but I don't know anything about powerpoint. So daddy to the rescue.

Another day documented. I am very grateful to be doing this project. It can be challenging at times. Yes I could spent more time sometimes getting better quality photos. But all in all I am very happy with what I am capturing and preserving.

There are still some photos I need to take. Around the house photos. Garden status photos, ect. But those are easy to get.

Stay tuned for the weekends photos. Most likely I will group them all together.

Thank you all very much for joining me on this journey so far. Enjoy your weekend !

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