Friday, October 7, 2016

Project Life Week 17

Happy Friday everyone !

I am here with you today sharing another week of Project Life. This was week 17 of 2016.

I used some cards from Studio Calico on this one. I knew I had to include pink as a color this week because of the sunset photo. I added some blue, gold, and yellow here and there as well.

The title card is from SC and I had a hard time trying to figure out how to add my week number and dates. The strip of patterned paper on the side was tricky to work around. This week I made chicken satays and they were a huge hit. I added my journaling onto that first journaling card there with the cluster at the bottom. On Monday night we went to the park to play some hoops. This week I added 3 photos in the middle. I typically like to spread them out but I think it works out ok.

We had to take Noah into the dr's. this week and I snapped a photo when he was looking at the tv. I added a digital brush from Ali Edwards and the heart wood veneer. For this spread I wanted to make sure I had some wood veneer spread out throughout the entire thing.

Here is a photo of the kids shooting hoops. I always love some white space in the photo to add in some embellishing as I did here. When taking photos try to take some with the subjects in the middle of the photo and take a few shots of them to the side so that it leaves some white space as I did here. Maybe it's just me but I am loving this approach.

Here are those chicken satays I talked about. Yummmm. The last journaling card on this side talks about how I watched a lot of netflix due to fevers and sickness. It actually happened a lot that week.

Let's talk about the right side now. I kept with the pink theme for that first journaling card. Recently I have been loving adding in some smaller photos like I did here with the kids playing the xbox. The photos were not the best so making them small was perfect. And they still get to be included in the album. I think for this one I used a Paislee Press template. Okay, who doesn't love heart eye emoji's ? Am I right ? I had been hoarding that card for a while now and was so excited to use it.

This sunset has probably got to be the best one so far. It was soooooo pretty. I added the wood veneer hashtag on the bottom.

Here is more of the right side. I need to add more " LIFE STUFF " into my albums. I saved a copy of Noah's practice spelling and sentence paper this week and cut it up to go into the pocket. I recently was given my grandmother's typewriter and was testing it out on that label there. I can't wait to get more acquainted with her typewriter, should be fun.

Emoji donuts anyone ? Yes please ! We picked up some donuts after sports games that Saturday morning.

Here is a closer shot of the emoji card and a little story about Noah's book nook for his room.

Thanks for coming to the blog everyone ! I am happy to say that I am almost done with the first half of my 2016 PL album. Can I get a  high 5 ?!!! I think I only have a few more Disney spreads to take care of and I am done with the first half of the year. Then we can talk about the second half. Sigh. Oh well, I am totally not stressing about it and moving forward. Making pages, taking photos, ect.

Have a great weekend everyone ! Next up I think will be another day in my Week In The Life album. I need to finish blogging and sharing that project.


Liz said...

High 5 for sure! You're getting there :)

Mindi said...

Thanks for the High 5 Liz !!! Yes, it feels so good to be getting those photos in my album.