Monday, October 3, 2016

The Beauty of Sequoia National Park | Project Life Spread

I am finally back among the living today after being sick for far to long ! I have so much to catch up on. Starting right now. 

Back in June we had some family come stay with us. On Monday of that week we all drove up to see the beautiful trees of the Sequoia National Park. I got some fun photos that day along with some fun stories to document. 

I plan on doing 2 full spreads from that day trip because of all the fun photos I took. I am going to be sharing the first spread with you today. I have yet to create the other one. 

The September Studio Calico was full of perfect cards and embellishments for my outdoorsy photos. Here is a look at what the whole thing looks like. 

Typically I like to stay pretty simple with my title cards. This time I went with a big and bold title card to spell out Sequoia. The big S letter is from a package of chipboard letters from Studio Calico. You can find them in their shop. 

As I mentioned earlier I used lots of Studio Calico kit cards for this spread. This one was perfect for my title card, with its green wood grained piece of patterned paper on the left side. I layered some washi tape, a tab sticker and a stamp ( from the SC kit) underneath the big S and finished off the card with a few extra embellishments. 

In the beginning of creating this spread I was trying to figure out a color scheme. At first I had lots of greens and browns. It is too monochromatic for me so I decided to add in a few more colors. Pink and yellow seemed to fit in rather nicely. I played off the pink in some of our shirts and the yellow worked nicely with the other colors and the SC kit had some of the colors in the cards and embellishments. 

While we were driving I took a photo of the car's mirror and loved to play around with text on the photo. This brush is from the Drive Story Kit from Ali Edwards. I added a few different sizes of the brush and made some of them lighter than the others for a fun look. 

The pink card to the right of the photo has been in my " Use it soon because it is so cool " pile for a while now. I figured it would work here to talk about how all the kids were all over the place exploring the National Park. 

Speaking of exploring. All the kids and the "Dads" decided to climb up this big tree stump and it made for a fabulous photo don't you think ?!!!! Other than it was soooo hard to get a decent photo with the sun in the way. The smaller photo is of us all standing in front of one of the massive trees in the Park. The trees were magnificent. I could literally go on and on about the beauty that was all around us that day. 

I decided to keep this spread fairly simple. Most of the photos are crazy busy with trees everywhere, ect. On the bottom of the left side I added two photos from the first part of our trip. The day will be split up into 2 spreads. One for the first part, it was all about finding the Big Stump. The second part was another adventure about finding the biggest tree in the park. 

These two journaling cards on the right side are pretty simple. I added in some of the pink and yellow to make sure I ended up with a cohesive look. 

I really wanted to add in how old the tree that we went looking for was and so I snuck it inside my journaling.

The tree that I am talking about is the one on the bottom right. The photo does not do this tree stump justice. It is MASSIVE !! It was taller than I am and very, very wide. I am mean very wide. There were steps made to go up to the top of this big stump and it was so cool to see exactly how big it was. 

Of course I had to take a photo of me standing on the top of the big tree stump. You can't tell how tall it is but I love the photo anyways. 

I used some of the Sept. SC kit items to make this fun filler card. The brown wood grained card was perfect for this spread and I started with that. I played around with a few different options till I found a good combo. And that Day Trip stamp ?!!! LOVE !! 

This photo of Katelyn and Patrick was so neat. This huge tree had a crack in so big that you could walk all the way through it. I added an arrow and the number 2 to draw your eye into the two of them. 

One last close up of Maddie on the tree trunk. In the middle of our hike to find the big stump we came across this meadow. It was so beautiful. All of us literally scattered and went this way and that. Off we went exploring. 

That is it for my Sequoia spread. It was sure fun to create and relive that day a little bit. I want to go back and spend some more time there. 

I will hopefully be back in a few days to share some more. I also have lots of scrappy things to create and catch up on as well. Wish me luck. 


helen r said...

I have a lot of pics from the redwood forest that I haven't scrapped yet. You have given me some great ideas!

Debbie P said...

Beautifully done!

Mindi said...

Thank you Helen and Debbie ! Have a great weekend !

Betsy O'Sullivan said...

Could you please share where you got the stamp
Day trip from? Is it an actual stamp? Ty!!

Mindi said...

Of course Betsy. It is a stamp from the September Studio Calico documenter kit.