Monday, February 6, 2017

Project Life January Review

Hi guys !

I am back for another blog post today. I am going to share a fun pocket page spread all about some current things that are going on. 

These pages started to come together thanks to some product inspiration. I wanted to tell some fun stories using my products. I will get into that more as we go along. 

Here is what the whole project looks like. 

Making a title card was very important for this spread. I used a 4x6 card from an older Studio Calico kit. I have had these Ali Edwards ( I am pretty sure they are from Ali) Month stamps forever and thought that I would stamp January on the card. After that I also added that currently strip and then I spelled our FAV.

Typically my spreads are photo driven. I usually start with my photos and then use them to find common colors and so on. This time I started with some products that I have wanted to use and went from there.

Since I am a recent California transplant I have been on the look out for California supplies. I picked up this fun California stamp from Kelly Purkey this past fall at the scrapbook expo.

I decided that I wanted to create a filler card using this stamp set. I stamped the Cali. state outline first and then I added the California girl stamp over top, stamping it repeatedly. I finished it out with a pink heart over where we are living.

The photo next it is about a small story that I have been meaning to add into my PL album for a while. I snapped a photo of her at the Grocery Store and added Grocery Store Missions. Long Story short : Whenever the kids come with me to the store I assign them " Missions". They are given a certain food to get and then I send off a few kids to go and fetch the item and then come back to the cart. The kids love it and it shortens our shopping time.

These few pages hold lots of fun stories and favorites. This story is about the messes we are making and how I want to make more messes even though my clean freak side is saying oh no you don't !

Here is a close up of the bottom part of the left side.

Next up are these middle pockets. I just love that tv tuned in card. We are a tv loving family. In the evenings we as a family have been working our way through the Hobbit movies. I found an image from the internet and printed out that Hobbit photo.

These wooden circles are among my favorite embellishments lately. They are from Color Cast Designs and the set is called 104 % Tired and the whole set is me to a T. I used this one that says Namastay in bed. Seriously, that is me lately. The weather has been dark, dreary, and rainy for most of January so it has been hard to have motivation to get things done. Oh and can I just say that trying to take a decent photo of me in bed and not have it look weird and akward was HARD. But I wanted a photo to go along with that wooden circle. Let's just leave it at that. HA HA.

Here is the right side of my spread. More stories.

This top card was inspired by another one of these wood circles. This one says 104 % tired and so I wanted to make it the O in Mom. So I added my journaling on the top of the card and added the MOM to the bottom. Yes, I know the words on the bottom of this card are upside down. I wanted the blue on the bottom and went for it.

This next photo and journaling card is another one that the products were the inspiration. This set is another one from Color Cast Designs. I loved the color and the wood piece that has a soda bottle on it. So I have to admit that I bought this Dr. Pepper bottle so that I could take a photo.

The last photo is one from the last weekend in Jan. We have spent a lot of time outside and at the park looking over the river that has been flowing. The weekend stamp is a digital brush from one of Paislee Press Pocket Guides.

I made sure to spread out my wood embellishments to make it flow more.

This page protector that is on the right side is one from Simple Stories and it has 3 4x6 pockets and then a 6x12 pocket. I have another project to go on the other side of this one and so I needed a 6x12 either photo or a patterned paper. I decided to print off this photo as a 6x8 size and add a journaling card on the bottom.

I chose this card that has this green bird on it to try and tie in some of the greens in my photos. This journaling card has a lot of tid bits about our favorites right now and of what has been happening in January. On the bottom of the card I added a few embellishments. This time I chose to add a few circle pieces and I love how simple but nice it looks.

Okay folks that is it for me in this blog post. I am so happy that these fun products have inspired me to get these stories told.

Please check out the Color Cast Design shop. It is full of wonderful inspiring products to get your stories told.

I also filmed a Youtube process video that will be up soon to my channel. So stay tuned for that and more Project Life blog posts to come hopefully this week. I have week 4 all done and it turned out great. Here is a link to my channel if you are interested.

Thanks everyone for coming ! 

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