Saturday, February 11, 2017

Project Life 2016 | Week 18

Hello everyone !

I thought it would be fun to share a Project Life Week from 2016. This particular week I have not shared yet here on the blog. I do have a walk thru of my 2016 PL album up on my youtube channel if your interested. ( search my name to find my channel)

Okay let's get going shall we. Here is what the whole spread looks like.

This week came together rather easily and I love the color scheme. I decided to shake things up this time and make a date card and add it in one of the 3x4 slots. So I added this filler card in place of the title card. It is from an older Studio Calico that said 2015 I think. So I covered up the 2015 with a puffy sticker.

It was Mother's Day weekend this week so I thought it was my right to get a family photo after church on Sunday. We had a neighbor snap a quick photo of us all and I love it. I have a few filler cards there in the middle pockets.

The kids played in the rain this week and of course Maddie had to lay down in the rushing gutter like it was the bathtub. 

I added a week # card from Paislee Press. 

I love how this top left photo turned out. It was raining so hard that I was perfectly content to hang out on the porch and snap some photos of the kids. I added a digital brush to both of these rain photos. 

It just so happens that Mother's Day and National Scrapbook Day were on the same weekend. This black handmade card was one that I loved but I didn't want to use the whole card. I cut it in half and added that label in the middle. 

The photo here is one of my favorites. I snapped it in the mirror of us getting dressed for church. 

This page protector on the right is Design B. I alternated journaling card and photos to give the spread a nice cohesive look. I always strive to break up the photos with journaling cards. 

That wraps up this Project Life catch up share post. I know it was a quick one today. Please feel free if you have any questions at all to leave a comment or send me an email using the gadget up at the top right hand corner. 

Most of these supplies came from my Studio Calico Documenter Kits, along with some digital brushes. 

Thanks again for coming everyone ! Have a great day. 

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