Sunday, February 12, 2017

Project Life Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of my Project Life album. Thank you all so much for coming today.

I want to start by saying that this week was not my favorite. Meaning living it was not my favorite, creating these pages was much better. I am so happy with how the whole spread turned out though. Let's get started shall we.

My title card is a total scrap lift from the fabulous Candice Perkins. So I have to give props to her. I used a card from Paislee Press and changed the color of the week number to match my spread. I added a star in the middle then used my date stamp.

The first 3x4 cards is a filler card. This week I did not have as many photos so adding in this filler card was perfect. I used a stamp from Studio Calico and added the letters X and O on top of the stamping. 

The next pocket has a photo of me filming a Youtube video while watching the tv one afternoon. 

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. One afternoon Noah insisted that we work out. He brought the big weights down and instructed what to do with them. After that we went and ran around the neighborhood. After that we did jumping jacks, push ups and then some. So I made him take this photo of us going through the paces. 

I wanted to add a little bit of journaling to the photo and then I added that wood Happiness above it. 

This journaling card from Studio Calico was seriously perfect for the awful story from this week. Next to it is a photo of Katelyn on the couch. She had a sick day on Monday and spend the day on the couch.

I had more to say about this week than I had 3x4 cards so I added this big journaling card.

Friday afternoon we spent some time outside walking along the now flowing river. It has been raining so much lately that we now have a river. We took a panoramic photo of the river and the path that we were walking along. I stretched the photo out to be 4x18. To do this I cropped the photo in photoshop and then cropped each 4x6 piece so that way I could print it out.

Here are a few more close ups of the whole panoramic photo. The kids snuck around so that they could be on both sides of the photo.

I added some embellishments onto the photo and spread it over those two right side photos.

Ummmm. Yeah, I love this journaling card. It was perfect.

I wanted to use this wooden circle piece from Color Cast Designs to go with my phone photo. It fit perfectly on this flowery card here and I added my story on the bottom of the card. That photo is of me holding my phone. It is pretty dark but that was what I was going for. On my journaling card I added in how I read past my bedtime a lot !!

Typically I am not a fan of small photos but sometimes it just works out. I added my journaling onto this photo here of my jeans.

This photo turned out really well. The thought was to use the photo I took of my blooming lavender plant as a background for some words I shared on IG. I turned down the opacity of the photo in photoshop and added my journaling right over top.

I think that wraps up week 4 everyone. Thanks for coming over to the blog today. I really love sharing my work here with you and hope that you enjoy it as well.


Sandra1968 said...

A great spread!

Shawn Altman said...

Love this. Jealous that you guys are able to get out and explore like that in January without getting frostbite. Counting the days til Spring. Sorry to read about Noah and school. Moms always hurt when their kids are hurting. Hang in there!!

Debbie P said...

Another fantastic spread! Love everything about it. Kudos to you for documenting the hard stuff too. Hopefully soon you will be able to look back on it & be thankful it's all behind you. Best wishes to you and your little guy! tfs

Mindi said...

Thank you so much you all ! Sandra, thank you for your coming and your kind comments.

Shawn, thank you my friend. We are grateful to have a fabulous winter season and most of it we can venture out. Thank you for your support and words about Noah. It's been rough but getting a little better now.

Debbie, Thank you for your coming to the blog and for your constant support. I knew that I wanted to also document this hard week so that we could remember it as well and maybe learn through it.