Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Project Life Week 6

Welcome everyone !

I have to say how happy I am to be back in my Project Life album today. Currently I am a few weeks behind due to life being busy, being sick, and then some fun mini vacations.

This week is going to be week 6. The very first part of February. I currently subscribe to Ali Edwards Story Kit and I love them so much. I usually will set aside a week or two in my PL album to use the kit supplies.

So let's get started. Here is what the whole spread looks like.

Each one of Ali's kits come with a card with a quote on it. I decided to use this months card for my title card. I loved the saying so much and thought it was perfect to use it in my PL album. I added my dates to a label stickers using my date stamp.

One afternoon Maddie wanted to make Orange Juice all by herself. So she looked up a recipe online and squeezed a bunch of oranges. I snapped a few fun photos of her.

You all know that I am a sucker for my kids handwriting and want to add more of it into my album. I cut up Noah's spelling test and added it into my album. I recently inherited my Grandmother's typewriter. We are still trying to get along but I used it to type on his spelling test. After I had typed on the card I added the word ten. This week was all about documenting the numbers. He has ten spelling words every week and so instead of using the number 10 I spelled it out.

These two crack me up so often !! They had played out in the rain one afternoon and were soaked from head to toe. They asked to get their swimsuits and play in the tub together. Of course swim goggles are a must. I added a digital brush from Kellie Stamps. Oh and I added the number 2 to the photo.

This first photo is of one of the kids while we were playing night games on Monday. We each took turns hiding their favorite stuffed animals in the dark while the others go find them armed with flashlights.

The next journaling card is one from the Number kit, actually all the cards this week are from the Numbers Kit. I added a list of tidbits to a photo and then added it onto this blue card.

Moving onto the right side now. This first orange colored card talks about Maddie and her making Orange Juice. I added a gold clear sticker and then add the letters OJ.

The circle numbers card was one of my favorites from the kit. I loved it and cut it in half so that I could add it in a 3x4 slot. I took one of the chipboard numbers and added it in the middle of one of the circles. I went with the number 5 because there are 5 of us. I added the word US onto a label and added a star.

This particular week Patrick was busy sanding and cutting some wood to make Katelyn a loft style bed. I borrowed his plans that he had made on some graph paper and scanned it. Then I cropped it down and added some journaling before printing. I added the chipboard triangle onto the paper and called it done.

Spring is coming and I could not be more excited about it. I snapped a photo of a blooming tree at the park that week and added some digital words and a brush.

That particular week was the most rain we had seen in a LONG while. It seemed like it rained all week. I made sure to remember how many full rainy days we had so that I could document it. It turned out that we had 4 full rainy days. I took this photo while I was dropping off the kids at the bus stop. I was at the bus stop a lot that week due to the rain. Our house is not super close to the bus stop.

I used this big white 4 onto my photo and added some journaling underneath.

This math equation card was perfect to journal about how many boards it takes to make a bed.

Well guys that is it for my Week 6. I really love how it turned out and loved using the Numbers Kit. Thanks for coming and I will see you guys next time.

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