Thursday, April 20, 2017

Project Life | Let's Celebrate Disney Style.

Hi everybody !

I am here to share with you another Project Life spread. This one was from a day trip back in January. It has been sitting unfinished in my album until now.

We decided to celebrate our 15th Wedding anniversary with the kids down at Disneyland. It was a fabulous day and we had a blast together.

Here is what the whole thing ended up looking like.

I didn't really need a title card so I choose this card that says Celebrate in the background. The blue magic piece is an acrylic from Color Cast Designs. It is part of a Disney themed set. I added a star and a clear sticker to this title card.

I have lots of fun photos in this spread. In the middle of the photos I have a journaling card that I added a few embellishments on.

The color scheme was blue, red, and some pink for these pages. There was a lot of blue in the photos and hints of red and pink. We took a lot of silly and fun photos that day.

This was a fun photo. We kind of stumbled onto this little place and decided to have someone take a photo of us. I added a digital brush from Ali Edwards and then a chipboard underneath from the Up Story Kit.

The bottom right card has a little journaling about our 15 years together. I knew that I wanted to add the number 15 and then a added some stickers.

Here is a close up of this card. The photo was meant to mimic our 15 years together.

This journaling card was perfect for a little story of us making a video on the Mater's Jamboree ride.
I added a rubber piece to the photo of Patrick and I.

One last close up of this bottom corner. We snapped this family selfie in Cars Land.

One last thing I want to point out for this spread is that I used a Design G pocket page for this right side. On the other side of this pocket page is our beach day spread.

Thanks for coming everyone. As usual I have or will have a Youtube Process Video up on my channel. Have a great day.


helen r said...

Love your layouts, as always! I was wondering how you decide what size to print your pictures, specifically the small square ones? Printing the pictures always slows me down. I can never decide what size to make them, should they have borders or no borders, should I use a template, should I put text or word art on them, etc. Just wondering what your decision-making process is.

Liz said...

Fun times! I love how you put a spread together!

Mindi said...

Oh Helen,

Please forgive me for taking forever to get back to you. Life is crazy right now. I truly appreciate your constant support and comments. So lets see. As fas as selecting my photos I will always pick out my 4x6 photos first. Those are usually my favorites and then I will move on to the 3x4's and the smaller ones. I will look through my photos and print a couple and then finish picking out my journaling cards if I have not done so. Then I will work on the journaling cards and the smaller photos. If I have a photo that I want to use I will see if I can add it in as a 2x2. Especially if I have a card that I can easily add a photo onto. The ones that have a patterened on most of it and then its blank on the bottom are perfect 2x2 spots. I think I make it easy for myself and print out 4 3x4 photos per spread. Then if I can add anymore in I will. I totally get the frustration about sizing and adding text and such. I totally struggle as well. I hope I have been of some help. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Mindi said...

Thank you so much Liz !