Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life Week 39

Week 39. September 26 - October 2.

Two visits to the County Fair this week meant lots of fair pictures. First visit with the preschool, took the kids on a field trip with two other mom's. The second one was a family trip. Katelyn's school was having a reading-a-thon. And she had to read 200 minutes to get a ticket to the fair. And she did it ! We have always attended the fair back home and so we didn't want to break our tradition.

Here is the first page.

I only used one digital brush on my pictures this week. To much else going on and I am perfectly ok with that. I used lots of colors this week, drawing from the pictures for inspiration. I like how everything came together though. 

The pictures :

All the preschool kids in front of the cows

Everday Life Journaling Prompts Brushes and Stamps

Noah making big bubbles

The journaling cards :

My Minds Eye Happy Days Stamps . Sticker from Jillibean Soup.

The kids were scared of this bird. Thinking it was Nigel from Rio. If you have ever seen you will know why they were scared !!

Free download over at Two peas Journaling card. Used the free download, changed the color. Added the sticker from Jillibean Soup. The number stickers from October Afternoon.

Orange squiggly line from the Cobalt edition digital extra elements. All the stickers down at the bottom from Jillibean soup.

The second page :

The pictures :

Katelyn and her new best friend - the reindeer - found each other in the petting zoo. There were tears when she asked to take her home and I said NO ! 

Had a few extra pictures I wanted to include so I made a collage of two 3x4 pictures.
 Noah loved the turkeys and kept trying to talk to them in his turkey voice.

The night life at the fair is always great. Another collage.

The turkey races were great. They trained the turkeys to follow the remote controlled monster truck with food in the back.

The journaling cards :

Printable Journaling Card Kit . From The saying come with the kit. Number stickers from October Afternoon. 

Used one of the extra cards from the core kit. A sticker from Jillibean soup. The green letters are from Jillibean Soup. Love how this week kind of all coordinates using these stickers.  Black letter stickers are American Crafts Thickers.

Circa' 2012 Documents. 
Printed the label, cut it out and put in on the journaling card. Tickets from Maya Road.

Numbers from the core kit. Star stamp from My Minds Eye happy day stamp set. Wonderful stamp from Ali Edwards Technique Tuesday.

That is it for Week 39. Working on my Week 2 of 2012. How is everyone's albums coming along? Are you participating this year ? I am still loving this project, even though I fell behind this year due to our move.  I am having so much fun reading all the project life inspiration going on out there in cyber space. Take care now.


Unknown said...

Another great and inspirational layout. I love the sewing and the adorable little chick sticker you used. The turkey races looked like hilarious fun, my kids would have loved seeing that.

My pages for 2012 are coming along great. Weeks 1 and 2 are done and I have started week 3 and have been printing those pictures as I go. I have three albums for 2011 (how many did you end up with?) Volume 3 is almost done, I need to still sew a few page protectors and I have a couple journaling cards left and a couple of blank spots still. Volume 2 will be caught up by the end of the weekend hopefully. Volume 1 is about 1/2 done and I Hope to have that completed by mid-February.

We also had a move this year, it really got me a little behind...we moved from Washington State to North Carolina.

Thanks for all of the great posts. Very fun to read. I notice that you post late, you must be a night owl like me.


libbywilko said...

Love your layouts and how you say where you get your brushes, digital elements and journaling cards. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and week with us :)

Mindi said...

Thank you both for your great comments.

Tori - I will end up with 3 volumes for 2011. Sounds like your moving right along in your album, great news. My move really set me back too. And yes, I do my best work late at night. The kids are in bed and when my husband has to get up really early he is in bed early. So that leaves me by myself to get things done.

Mendi M said...

First of all, I love your blog! This is the first year I will be attempting PL and you are the main reason I finally decided to try. You make it look so simple! Quick question, did you use a template for the 2 3x4 photos printed as a 4x6 with the white line in the middle? If so, where did you get it? I know how to do that with no white line separation in PSE, but really like your look better. Thanks!

Mindi said...

Mendi M - I am so glad that you have joined in on PL !! I hope you are liking it so far. Below is a link to the free templates from paislee press. They are what I use to make 3x4 photo collages. Copy and paste the below address in to find the download page. Enjoy !!

Mendi M said...

Thanks so much for the answer! I just bookmarked her blog and was just looking at her shop and wondered if that's what you used! I don't even have week 1 done yet, but I have taken photos nearly every day and have journaled every single day. I'm going to print pictures tonight and get it done! I just love everything you've posted. Your style is very similar to mine and I hope to start utilizine my digi skills more. You have really inspired me.

Christie said...

Thanks for another week of inspiration!! I'm always excited when I see another post from you! I loved the stitching you did on the 1,2,3 card...just different enough to make it unique.

Natalee LaJeunesse said...

I love your Project Life! Thanks for the inspiration.

Diane said...

I just found your blog via Pinterest and LOVE how you are doing of my fav's so far.