Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daddy Home !!

We have been so fortunate to Daddy home for part of the day while he is out of school. He works from 6 -10 am and then comes home until he has to go back to work from 4- 8 pm. Every time Patrick comes home Maddie says daddy home, daddy home! It is so cute. Yesterday we played hide and go seek all together. It was Patrick and Katelyn's turn to hide. Me and Maddie went around the house looking for them. Here is where we found Katelyn (she is not very good at the game yet, she giggles and most of the time says here I am). Daddy was giving clues away - see the picture. Yes, those are his toes. Maddie thought that it has hilarious. She figured out that he is was in the closet, but couldn't get the door opened. I helped her of course and then we found daddy. It is always much more fun when daddy is home to play with us as well. We all have enjoyed having daddy home and will be very sad to see him go back to school next week.

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Mike and Jen said...

I love you Pat...I want to come play with you!