Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do Do Mommy

A few days ago Maddie(as soon as she got up) kept saying "do do mommy." She is at that stage right now where she can communicate most of what she wants to say and what she needs. Although there are a few things she can't. That is where the frustration on everyone's part comes in. I didn't know what she wanted. She kept taking me into the front room by the coffee table and saying "do do mommy. " After about a half an hour it came to me that she wanted to dance with me. Why she was calling it "do do" was still a mystery though. Well, that was until I started dancing with her and humming the tune
that I sing. I dawned on me at that
moment. I was humming "Do dee do dee do, and so on !! I picked her up. swung her around and she was so delighted that I had figured out what she wanted. And since then I know what she is saying when she wants to dance !!

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