Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Walking with Dinasours

At the last minute we decided to get tickets for the "Walking with the dinosaurs", at Energy Solutions Arena. Katelyn is currently obsessed with dinosaurs. She watches the Land before time movies everyday and has the little people dinosaur set. So she knows some of the different kinds of dinosaurs that there are. She was had been so excited for two days. The night before she got sick, I took her in to the doctors in the morning. She had gotten strep. I was thinking great, we have these tickets and they were not cheap. Well I decided to take her anyways. As you can see she feel asleep on the drive up there. Poor baby !! I felt so bad for her. I carried her all the way in to the arena. Not an easy task, especially almost 5 months pregnant. The show was already started and from that moment on Katelyn was mesmerized, most of the time standing up in the aisle. She asked so many questions, what are the dinosaurs doing mommy, what are they going to do next, etc. The dinosaurs were HUGE, life size actually, and amazing realistic. Katelyn called each one as if they were straight from the "Land before time movie". For instance the baby long neck is called Little foot and so on. I was so amazed by these dinosaurs. It was one amazing show. I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the actual dinasaurs themselves, but apparently our new camera is horrible in the dark. Oh well. Katelyn is still talking about all the dinosaurs. (Oh, we went last Saturday to the show).

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Mitchell Family said...

Oh I wanted to go so badly! I bet it was just amazing! Congrats on the BOY!!!