Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Three Cuties

So we've been staying busy this week. Having two photo shoots with the kids. The first one was with my main photographer from Studio Lush. We went out on location and it went ok. Noah didn't want anything to do with having his picture taken that night. I was really surprised, usually he loves to be outside, and they some really old trucks that you could sit in. Nothing was working. He scowled almost the whole time that we were there. He didn't even want to sit in the truck !! I'll share those when I get them back.

The other photo shoot was this morning. I had won a free photo session  a while back with a local company called fotofly. They have a studio near my moms house and so I called them up when I got here and off we went. Let me just say that they were amazing !! The guy got Noah to smile, giggle, everything. He was amazing and I totally recommend them. Check them out. And you even get your pictures the same day !!

I am so excited to share some of the great shots that he got of my cute kiddos. They are absolutely adorable, although I am their mother, so I have to think that !! Ha Ha !! But seriously. Check them out.

Oh my goodness is all I can say!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some good photo shoot pictures. And these are so darling if I do say so myself. Thanks for looking. We are off to the lake tomorrow for our family reunion. I'll be back late next week !!

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tona said...

I love the picture. They did a great job. Love you all.