Sunday, July 3, 2011

Project Life Week 14

Slowly but surely I have been working through my PL album, getting the weeks done. I have Week 14 done and ready to show you. This week was definitely a challenge for me, with the house drama, the packing, trying to find a place to live, and planning a move to another state.  So I wanted to make sure that I got everything written down that happened during the course of the week. Also I had very little photos from the week, because of the busyness of it all. But I made do and am happy with the outcome.

So here is the first page :

The first picture I have is this one below of Katelyn's dinosaurs. We started sorting through the kids toys and donating some of the ones less played with. So the girls set up some of their dinosaurs up on the window seal and said that they were "ON PARADE".

We had a lot of UPS and DOWNS with the house situation this week, it seemed to change by the minute. I used all the journaling cards on this first side to tell the different events that happened and in the end it turned out great.

Here is a closer look at one of the cards :

I used a card made by My Mind's Eye. I got a whole pack of them at one the last Scrapbook expo's in hopes of using them in my Project Life album and they have worked out great. They are just about the right size, a tad bigger than the journaling cards but I just trimmed the top and the bottom to fit unto the journaling card pocket. I used my printer to print on the card and there you have it.

Here is a closer look at my 4X6 journaling card I used for Mondays journaling :

I had a lot to write about this week and with the lack of photos taken it was the perfect opportunity to use the photo spot for some journaling. I used a 4X6 journaler fromAli Edwards. Link here :
. And a few other digital elements all from Ali Edwards.

Here is a closer look at another journaling card from the week :

I wanted to include something about us moving or going to California so I made this card. I spray misted over a mask onto cardstock and then cut the cardstock to fit into the pocket. Then embellished over it and added my lettering.

Here is a look at my second page :

Included one this page is a picture of the girls trying to help me pack. As you can see they found it much more enjoyable to play in the boxes than to fill them.

A picture of Patrick outside of his current job on his last day at the company.

A picture of Harold's wedding. It was great to be there and we are so happy for him.

A big and little picture of Noah and his cousin Devin playing trains together. They both were so excited to have someone to play "BOY" toys together. You see they both have only sister siblings.

Here is a closer look at one of the journaling card :

Cousins Breanna and Devin came over for a final visit before we move next week and we were so happy that they did. We will miss them when we move.

Here is the picture of the cousins :

I took about 30 pictures of them that day and this was the best one. It is so hard to get 5 little kids to sit quietly on the couch and smile. Four out of five ain't bad !!

That concludes Week 14. Is anyone else going to enter Becky Higgins contest ? I keep going back and forth. But if I can find the time these next two weeks, with traveling and all., then I will do next weeks pages for the contest. I am looking forward to seeing other peoples work when she announces the winners.

I just want to finish with the fact that I LOVE this project and am so thankful for it. At times it seems like a job, and others it is so much fun. I can't wait to do more pages, so many fun things coming up to record.

Take care everyone.


deb duty said...

Your book looks great! I was doing good up until the end of March, but I haven't printed photos since then. I have them all taken and I will get my book caught up soon!

Mindi said...

Deb - All I can say about being behind is that it is ok, and just keep going. You can do it !! Your not to far behind me so it is ok. I am slowly working at it and so can you. Take care and thanks for looking.