Monday, February 27, 2012

This And That Monday

                                       I have been staying very busy around here lately.
                     You see we are leaving tomorrow morning to go to Disneyland for 4 days.
                                Patrick's brother and his family are coming down to go to Disneyland
                                      and they asked us to join them down there. Aren't they the best.                                      
                       And after that we are going to Arizona to stay with Patrick's sister for the weekend.
                   There is laundry being done, packing of the clothes, cleaning of the house,
                          and making lists of things that can't be forgotten.

                 I didn't want to leave you all before letting you know that I won't
                                                be around for a little while.

       I have put this post together for you in hopes that it will help tied you over until I
                  get back. I have a peek at Week 7, some Valentine's freebies for those of you
            who have not done Week 7 yet !! And a few other fun things.
                I have been stealing time here and there to try to catch up on Project Life.
                                I am done with week 7, except for the insert about
                                          Katelyn's 7th birthday.

                          Thought you might like a sneak peek, or perhaps a big peek !! I will be back to the
           regularly scheduled program of sharing closeups, links, and such when I get back from Vacation.

So the most exciting thing first. Here is a look at Week 7. It is all about Valentine's Day.





Paperclipping Roundtable is a scrapbooking podcast. I have been listening to it since they started and I love to put it on while I am scrapbooking.  They have a weekly podcast with great guests like Ali Edwards, Stacy Julian, Shimelle Laine, and a whole lot of other great people. All different types of topics and I thought that I would share this bit of information to all of you who might not have heard of it.



I thought that I would share some of the fun Valentin'es Day themed freebies that I used in my week 7. And for those of you who are done with your week 7, WAY TO GO !!

#1. Two great free journaling from Jessica Sprague. Click here to download.

#2.  Here is a whole sheet of great Valentine's Day journaling cards. They are also free. Click here to download. Scroll down on the page to find the freebie.

#3. Here is one last freebie for you. I used the grey me and you journaling card from this freebie in my week 7. Click here to download.


#1. Maddie had Pink Eye.
#2. Noah really loves Mickey Mouse. We have been telling the kids that we are going to Disneyland and that we are going to see Mickey again. Every time that Noah looks at last years Project Life he always loves the Disneyland pages and asks "GO THERE AGAIN?" or "MICKEY". So he has been asking to go see Mickey. He says "MICKEY AGAIN", "SEE MICKEY". It is so cute. And today he asked again and I told him that we are going tomorrow. He started jumping up and down and yelling "YEAH". I am so excited.
#3.Katelyn has figured out how to whistle and is driving everyone crazy. She whistles all day long.


I have always loved to see what others are doing, creating, writing about. So here are a few new ones that I have found for PL inspiration.


Well that is I all I have time for today. Gotta go finish packing. Have a wonderful week everyone and I will try to check in sometime during our trip !!


Shayne said...

Mindi, your pages are simply beautiful.

You are a inspiration to us all!

libbywilko said...

Have fun in Disneyland..

I love your week 7 layouts and a big thanks so much for the three journaling card links :)

Smitha Katti said...

Thanks for using my cards!! Your page looks amazing!!!

Kelly Griglione said...

Love your photography and how you've put together Project Life! You're a great inspiration! In fact, I want to award you with the Liebster Blog Award. Stop by for details, and thanks so much for sharing your projects!

Jazzmin said...

Oh how much I love your spread!!! These pages are beautiful, all the details and the PINK! I <3 pink so much, but with a house full of men I´m just not able to use it in my PL album like I would, lol. But I´m always trying from time to time. :) Thank you so much for the inspiration and that you´ve linked up my blog! It is exciting to read that someone get´s inspiration from ME!

Have a nice day!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

i am just in awe of your Project Life pages and would love to know what font you use for your journaling loving the typewriter look....thank you so much for sharing you inspire me to keep going xox

Mindi said...

Jane Ettia - Thank you for you comments. I always appreciate them. The font I use for most of my journaling is called Courier new.