Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project Life Week 4

Welcome to week 4.

I really had fun with this one. Adding stitching, and lots of extra goodies.

Side note - I'm sure excited to get my first Studio Calico Project Life kit this coming week. When it was first announced I knew that I would love it, I loved the scrapbook kit. And then you add a kit just for Project Life, from one of my favorite people, Studio Calico !! At first I was more thinking on saving my money but after seeing everyone else playing with their kits and how adorable they are I caved in and was put on the waiting list. But now I am a subscriber and am not regretting my decision. If you want to see more about the Studio Calico Project Life kits and how you can get one for yourself, click here and then click on kits.  You can see all the info on their site.

So back to business.

This week I took a photo of both pages together.

The first page by it's self. Lots of good stuff here, minus the sickness.

The title card.

On this picture I used a digital frame to start with. Added that in and printed my picture out. I printed a second picture exactly the same, cutting out the inside of the digital frame. I took the small picture of Noah on the couch and matted it on cardstock. Put a strip of washi tape on the photo and then adhered my matted photo on top. Then stitched the side.

This was when he was sick and so we went out for Happy Meals and a redbox to help him feel better.
I used the first part of this brush and added letters to spell out sick.

I have begun the moving/packing up boxes and these two items are essential to my plan.

Used this brush ( reduced the opacity) and this brush and then some text.

I love this quote and wanted it to fit into my PL album somehow. So I had the idea of including a photo of one of my layouts next to the card. I printed the quote on a 4x6 cardstock and then put the photo on top, stitched down the middle. Added the arrow from Studio Calico.

You can find this great freebie card here.

This first journaling card was fun to make. Some of you might recognize the actual journaling card from the Turquoise edition. I took the digital version and turned it blue, also erasing the grid lines.
I found a free California state silouette online and added that onto my journaling card. This can be done with any state, just need to google it ! Added the rest and loved the result.

The second journaling card is a photo of the redbox I had picked up for Noah that day. Added some text and an arrow.

For this first journaling card I took some paper from Studio Calico. I first journaled onto my journalind card. I cut out the diamond shape strip from the paper and put it on the journaling card. I added stickers from Jenni Bowlin in the middle of the diamond shape of the paper. It was a perfect fit ! I added the blue Thickers and it was done.

The second journaling card is a kit from the Seafoam kit. I added the photo of Noah at the Dentist and then a strip of patterened paper. I love these little circle dots, I used them a lot this month.

The second page closeup.

We have been working really hard to pay off debt. I recently made a list and printed it off. This week we were able to cross three things off the list !! I was so excited. And there will be more to come.

For this one I used one of the journaling cards and cut it down some. Put it on the photo and added the black strip. I have been going through my stash and getting rid of some stuff that I will never use. And I found some of those old Bazzill boarders. Do you remember them ? Yeah, good stuff !!

The weekly house shot. I put the word week on the photo digitally. The number 6 is from American Crafts. The "a work in progress" is a stamp I have.

Used one of these arrows from Ali Edwards. Made it the size I wanted, also the color I wanted, and then printed it on cardstock. Cut it out and stapled it on the photo.

This is our spray foam insulation. They sprayed this Friday and Saturday.

More cute little circle embellishments. Also made an arrow for the first journaling card.

The second card I resized the photo of Maddie to fit on the card, added my journaling. Also added a hash tag from here. I punched out a heart from one of the filler cards, adding a black border with my pen. Stitched the heart on.

This first card is a filler card. Added my journaling and printed out. Added some stitching and some embellishments. 

The second one is another filler card. I printed out an instagram of Maddie (not wanting her picture taken). Added the circle day, from here. Added my title and done.

That is the end of Week 4.


Anonymous said...

Great week! Love all of your embellishing. Excited for you on your house! I was on the waiting list for Studio Calico PL kit too and will start getting it this month as well. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I left a couple of pockets open this week for cards from the kit.
Oh! I also caved in and bought the Seafoam kit as well. It came the other day. Looking forward to using it this week.

Kellie said...

As always, love your spread!

libbywilko said...

Great pages Mindi ! Love seeing how the house is going each week.

Shayne said...

I really do love your week. I wish I had the patience to sew and cute and and and but I just want to get it into my sleeves!

Love your detail and how exciting about the progress of your house.

Shawn said...

Oops, I was the anonymous poster, don't know how that happened, as I typed my name. Lol, gotta love technology!

Mindi said...

Thank you everybody !! I can't wait to "play" with my SC PL kit later this week, playing is the best part. Hugs !!

Pam said...

I love your pages. Will be checking back often for inspiration! Thank you for sharing them.

Jennifer said...

love love love your project life!!! Also have to say I love how you used my freebie card here! Putting your blog in my reader, thanks for the inspiration :)