Friday, February 1, 2013

A Day In The Life

I did kind of participate in Ali's Day In The Life Yesterday. I didn't drag my camera with me everywhere. Although I did capture some of my day.

Did anyone participate ?

I do want to share some of the things that I did capture.

7:15 Alarm goes off.
Kids up, dressed, and eggo waffles for breakfast.
7: 40 Take the kids to school.
7: 45 Back to the school, Maddie forgot her backpack.
Did some things around the house.
9:10 Take Noah to preschool.
9:20 Go in to Win Co.

Picture from 9:30 taken with iphone.

Rush home and put the groceries away.

10:55 - Walk Maddie's bike to her school.
11:10 - Pick Maddie up.

Picture from 11:15 taken with iphone.

I walk home. Maddie rides her bike ahead of me.

11:35 Leave to go pick up Noah from preschool.

Home. Make a brown bag lunch for the kids. Pump up my bike tires. Hook the bike trailer up.  I decided to get my workout in and see the house all at once. So I rode the 3.6 miles to our new house.

1:00 arrive at the house.

Picture from 1:05 taken with iphone.

We have drywall up. Yeah !! It looks like a mess right now, but I am soooooo excited that we have walls !! This is the family room and the stairs.

Kitchen. Where our cabinets will be in less than a week and a half !!  And our island. Things are coming together.

1:15 leave from the house.
1:40 Arrive at home. Get in the car and go get Katelyn from school.

2:00 Snack time.
2:30 Go outside and almost clearing out the shed. Start to rearrange the garage to accommodate some more boxes. 

3:30 Find Noah playing in the dirt, pleading that we go to the beach ! I tell him soon, buddy, very soon.

Picture taken a 3:30 with iphone. 

4:35 Found the bat and ball set. Played ball for a little while.

Go the big camera out. 

5:50 pm riding bikes while waiting for daddy to come home.

 Daddy comes home. The neighbor across the street was out on his bike as well. Him and Noah have the same bike and are the same age. So we chat with his dad for a while and let the kids play.

Go inside for dinner. Had breakfast for dinner. Homemade hashbrowns, eggs, sausage, bacon.

Got Noah's jammies on and he played with his trains for a few minutes before bed.

7:10 Noah to bed. Girls get their jammies on, brush teeth. Maddie plays a little on the computer. The California Math program games.

7:55. Maddie's bed time. Me and Katelyn do some math together. She plays on the computer until bedtime.

8:40 Katelyn's bedtime.

Patrick starts doing taxes. I was so tired by then I hunker down on the couch falling asleep at 9:15 !! Oh my !!

And that was our day. Nothing exciting. But that is life right now.

Stay tuned tomorrow. I will share my Week 4. Finished it this morning. Have a great weekend everybody.

Go 49ers !! Can't wait for the Super Bowl !!

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libbywilko said...

I missed it... Only saw her post late on the 31st sometimes being in Australia has its downsides. Thinking of doing it in Feb though.