Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Elf named "Harry"

Hello everyone !

I thought I would check in for a quick post today. A post about our little Elf. His name is Harry. He is very "naughty" according to my kids. But every morning I hear whispers asking "Where is Harry. Harry where are you ?"

Last week while I was working on more DD pages, my printer decided to have issues.  So while I am waiting to get that sorted out, and I am sooooooooo far behind on my DD album, I am going to share some of Harry's antics with you.

I plan to put some in my DD album and the rest I will add to my Project Life album. Katelyn has been keeping track of what Harry has been up to in her journal. But I wanted to have some photos as well to remember him by. The kids have been asking if Harry can stay all year. Even asked him about it, pleading with him to stay !! 

Day 1 | Zip lining or maybe sliding down some string in the kitchen

Day 2 | Enjoying a bubble bath

Day 3 | Playing with the angry birds. 

Day 4 | Toilet Papered our Christmas Tree

Day 5 | Trying to put together a new puzzle

Day 6 | He was fishing for goldfish in a pond of blue sprinkles.

Forgot to take a photo

Day 7 | He was too busy causing trouble that he made himself sick. Was held up on the doll bed in the big dollhouse with the thermometer, tissues, and some medicine.

Again, forgot to take a photo

Day 8 | *My favorite so far* The Toy Story toys had had enough of his mischief and tied him up with the Christmas lights to the railing. And were standing guard in case he escaped.

Day 9 | Harry got some of his favorite (and the kids) stuffed animals and toys together for a photo shoot under the tree. He also took some with him in the photos and put the photos on the fridge for us to find.

Day 10 |  Harry went around the house and drew silly faces, big ears, tails, and such on all of our family photos !! And also left Official notices of who's on what list. Thankfully the kids were really good the previous day and were all on the Nice List.

Day 11 | Someone got a little chocolate craving late last night. We made cookies after school that day. Just in case Harry decided to get hungry and eat all of the chocolate chips during the night.

Day 12 | Roasting marshmallows. He also left us a great big basket filled with all the smores essentials. 

Day 13 | Making a snow angel. Had to take the photo at night, but at least I got a photo.

Day 14 | To make up for all the havoc that he has done, Harry was trying to do the dishes and apparently got stuck under a cup.

Day 15 | Well to explain this one I have to go back to the previous day. Patrick read the last 60 pages of the 2nd Harry Potter book to the kids and they had started watching the movie. It is something they do together. He read them the first book and then the watched the movie. Then continued to the 2nd book.

So with all the Harry Potter business going on I guess Harry wanted to be a part of it too. He is named Harry after all. He pretended to dress up like Harry Potter and wanted to play quidditch. 

He had to make due on such short notice. So he borrow Mr. Potato heads glasses, a My Little Pony coat as a cloak, and a butter brush for a Nimbuss 2000 (a broom). He also used one of the baby Christmas tree's golden bulbs for a snitch. Oh I almost forgot about his wand. He painted a toothpick black and stuck it in his hand. 

I must say that it was a huge hit with the kids. I thought he looked rather silly but the kids loved it.

Well that's all I've got time for today. Got lots to do and a sick kid at home. I am hoping to be able to start working on my DD album again today and then I can post it soon. That is if I get some time. We are having a Christmas Open House here on Friday !!

Merry Christmas everyone !! Only 7 more days left.


helen r said...

Love Harry's adventures! You are so creative!

Carol said...

You have an awesome imagination coming up with all of Harry's adventures. I'm really impressed.