Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My plan for the new Becky Higgins Core Kit PDF's

 Howdy everyone.

A quick post today about how I have used the recent Project Life PDF's. You all have probably seen the link to Becky's Project Life Core Kits Design Reference.

If not, or if you haven't checked it out, here is the link to the page. Check it out, so cool. 

Have you ever wanted to see all the card, title cards, filler cards, ect. of a certain kit ? Well now you can see every card. Every card, people !

I was so excited.

Now that we can see all the cards on our screen, what to do next. I kept thinking about what to do with the pages of all the pretty cards.

So I decided to print them all so I can see them in all of their glory. Then I was trying to figure out what to do with the pages.

I decided, at least for now, I taped them up right above my desk. They are all together on the wall, so I can quickly see them. This has made it so much easier to look through all the cards, and then decide which card that I want to use. Instead of looking through the whole box and forgetting the cards from the beginning of the box by the time I get to the end !! Ha Ha.

And who doesn't have a big white wall in their scrapbook room available ?!!! Doesn't everybody ? Just Kidding.

But no, for real. Since I have not done anything in the scrapbook/office room yet there are lots of white bare walls.

Here is another look at another idea that I had to use these pdf's.

I experiment with putting some pdf's in some 8.5x11 page protectors in the front of my album. 

You could put them in a few page protectors and include them to your album. That way, if you are not like me and tons of wall space, you can have them handy.

The pdf's have been really helpful so far in my Project Life planning.

P.S. I am finishing up Week 2 today and then I will share hopefully tomorrow ! Yeah !!

Until next time.

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